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Son of Lewis Helland:

Ernest Hubert Helland  Married Myrtle Pannell

Children: Judy Ann, Theodore (Ted), Michael


2. Ernest & Myrtle Helland

            Ernest Helland  "Helland, Ernest 2nd "  was born on June 21,1911 in Warren Story County, Iowa to Lewis Helland and Maria (Haukoos)Helland " Helland, Lewis and Maria (Haukoos) 3rd " . Growing up on a farm he learned how to take care of the animals, plow the ground and do repairs on the building. His family joined Emanuel Lutheran Church when moving to Forest City.

            Ernest moved to Whittier, California where he met Myrtle Pannell " Pannell, Myrtle Pannell 2nd " . Myrtle  was born July 22,1913 in Los Angeles, California to Benjamin H Pannell and Alta Lou (Cruzon) Pannell  " Pannell, Benjamin and Alta Lou (Cruzon) 3rd " .

            In Whittier they bought some land and built their house. Myrtle had an artistic talent and did interior designs. She also made a lot of the family clothes. When her granddaughter Melody was little, Myrtle made her the cutest dresses.

            Ernest died of a heart attack in Hemet, CA in 1976. Myrtle died of a stroke in Hemet, California in 1980. They are buried in Rose Hills, Whittier, California.

3. Lewis and Marie (Haukoos) or (Matthias) Helland

            Lewis Helland  "Helland, Lewis 3rd "  was born September 30, 1857 in Helland, Norway to Peder Erickson Helland  "Helland, Peder Erickson and Anna Vegner (Jonsdt) 4th"  and Anna Vegner (Jonsdt) Helland. He was 12 going on 13 when the barn blew down and his family moved to America. He grew up farming. His first marriage was to Christine Jacobson  "Jacobson, Christine "  (Bena) in 1884. She died in 1894 at the age of 32 after bearing five children. Lewis then married Maria Haukoos XE "Haukoos, Maria" . Maria was born in Haugesund, Norway and came to American with her parents in 1895 the same year they were married: June 11,1895)

            Maria Haukoos "Haukoos, Maria 3rd "   was born October 10,1870 in Norway to Mathias Haukoos and Mare  "Haukoos, Mathias and Mare 4th " .

            They lived on a farm in Warren Township southeast of Roland, Iowa. In 1924 they moved to Cedar Falls living there for two years, then to Forest City. Here they joined Emanuel Lutheran church. Maria was ill for several years before her death in November 28,1934. Lewis too had health problems and at the age of 77 died May 18,1935. He left eleven children, 32 grandchildren, 4 great-grandchildren and one sister.

4. Peder & Anna (Jonsdt) Helland

             Peter Erikson Helland "Helland’ Peter Erikson 4th "  was born  in 1806 in Helland, Norway to Erik Helland and Marta (Knudsdt) Helland  "Helland, Erik and Marta (Knudsdt) 5th " . They lived on the farm Erik bought from his father for 14 sp. Korn for 100 Rd.  Peter E bought the land from Erik for the same price.  When  Peter was 8 years old Norway came under Swedish rule.

Now jump forward to 1870. Peter had been on a fishing expedition. Coming home he found his barn blown down from a storm. Ole Olson Helland  "Helland, Ole Olson Helland" ’s farm also suffered great damage. They both sold their farm land March 28,1870. They were going to America. By now Peter was 64 years old married to Anna Vegner Jonsdt(the year of 1839)  "Jonsdt, Anna Vegner Jonsdt"  and had nine children. They set sail in a small boat for their six week journey across the Atlantic Ocean.  This information has been proven to be wrong. They sailed on a ship with 265 passengers that included other Helland's.

Passenger list 1870 - bark Hebe





  B. Hansen

Stavanger May 17

Quebec June 30

NAC C-4525 list 62


Peder Eriksen Helland





ID 39002103

Anne Johnsdatter* Veiner Helland*




ID 39003104

Johan Pedersen* Helland*




ID 39004105

Peder Pedersen* Helland*




ID 39005106

Eduard Pedersen* Helland*




ID 39006107

Lauriz Pedersen* Helland*



ID 39007108

Berthe Pedersdatter* Helland*




ID 39008109

Mette Pedersdatter* Helland*




ID 39009110

Anne Veiner Pedersdatter* Helland*




ID 39010111

Lene Gurine Pedersdatter* Helland*



ID 39011112

Marie Pedersdatter* Helland*



ID 39012113

Berthe Marie !!


 There oldest daughter’s husband Elias Hansson  "Hansson, Elias Hansson"  (Vikevag) also went along.  Ole Olson Helland with his wife Laurentsa  "Laurentsa"  and their three children Anna, Malena and Peder.

            Anna Vegner Jonsdt  "Jonsdt, Anna Vegner 4th "  was born 1820 in Bierga, Norway to Jon Gudmundson Bierga and Metta Jorgensdt.  "Gudmundson, Bierga Jon Metta (Jorgensdt) 5th "

            Peter took his family to Story County, Iowa where he secured a farm. The oldest daughter Bertha and her husband Elias purchased their own home. Anna passed away and Peder married Marta Kristina Rasmusdt  "Rasmusdt, Marta Kristina" . They had one child March 1894. Peder passed away and is buried in Iowa.

Mathias & Mare Haukoos


            Mathias Haukoos  "Haukoos, Mathias 4th "  was born December 1842 in Norway. He married Mare (Mary) in1869.

            Mary or Mare was born 1830 making her 12 years older than her husband probably in Norway. They relocated to Roland, Story County, Iowa. She died in 1910 leaving Mathias a widower. His death was after 1910. We do not the parents for either.


5. Erik & Marta (Knudsdt) Helland "Helland, Erik & Marta (Knudsdt) 5th "           

Erik Helland was born in Helland, Norway in 1776 to Peder Helland and Lisbet (Eriksdt) Helland  "Helland, Peder and Lisbet (Eriksdt) 6th " .  He married Marta Knudsdt  "Knudsdt, Marta (Knudsdt) "  in 1803.  Marta was born in Soregenfri, Norway in the year 1776 to Knud Larsson Sorgenfri and Guri Rasmsdt  "Larsson Sorgenfri, Knud and Guri (Rasmsdt)" .  Erik paid his father Peder 14 Sp Korn for his  farm. On October 10,1834 he sold it to his son Peder for the same price.  January 12,1861 Peder sold half of his land to Rasmus Larsson Helland for 450 spd.  Nice profit for the grandson.  Erik and Marta stayed in Norway.   They were Lutherans.

5. Jon & Metta (Jorgensdt) Gudmundson  "Gudmundson, Jon & Metta (Jorgensdt) 5th "

            John Gudmundson was born in 1786 Bjerga, Norway to Gudmund Olsen Juvatsoeter and Karen Hansdatter  " Olsen Juvatsoeter, Gudmund and Karen (Hansdatter) 6th " . He married Metta Jorgensdt in1861 Norway.

Metta was born in Sorbo, Norway 1791 to Jorgen Olsen and Malle Olsdatter  "Olsen, Jorgen and Malle (Olsdatter) 6th " .

6. Peder  & Lisbet (Eriksdt) Helland  "Helland, Peder  & Lisbet (Eriksdt) 6th"

Peder Helland was born in Helland Norway, 1755 to Peder Helland and Igeborg (Pedersdt) Helland  "Helland, Peder Helland and Igeborg (Pedersdt) 7th " . Peder leased the same land of his father on November 11,1780 for 1 ½ pd. Eighteen years later October 22,1798 he sold the land to his son Erik.  

Peter married Lisbet Eriksdt. Reianes at the age of 21 in 1776. She was born in Reianes, Norway in 1740 to Ole Johannesen living in Helland and Malena Hansdtr born in Holdhus.  "Ole Johannesen living in Helland and Malena Hansdtr born in Holdhus 7th "   Lisbet might have been Oledt.

6. Gudmund & Metta (Jorgensdt) Olsen  "Olsen, Gudmund & Metta (Jorgensdt) 6th "

            Gudmund Olsen Juvatsoeter was born about 1744 in Leissvik, Norway. He married Metta Jorgensdt of Sorbo daughter of Elisabeth L Bru. Ancestry com had the father born after the daughter. We know his name was Jorgens.

7Th -11th Generation Back

Helland Linage

         Everyone born in Helland, Norway took the last name of Helland. If that is not confusing enough to the children’s name would be added their father’s first name plus son or daughter. Thus. Edward would be Edward Michaelsson and Melody would be Melody Michaelsdt.

7. Peder & Ingeborg (Pedersdt) Helland  "Helland, Peder & Ingeborg (Pedersdt) 7th "

Peder Helland was born March 23,1726 in Roaldstad, Rennesoy, Rogland, Norway to Bodel Olsen Helland. He was raised on as a farmer and in 1755 married Ingeborg Pedersdt. She was born in Helland, Norway in 1733.   

            On July 30,1766 Peder leased land  BR.Nr. 5 from Mrs Valentinsen putting the land in Melody and Edward’s Helland’s ancestors possession.  This was in the city since about 1700 Helleland remained the name of valleys and river were and the city was named Helland.

             Peder and Ingeborg both died in Helland, Norway. Peder preceded Ingeborg in death by  27 years dying in 1784. She passed away in 1811.

8. Bodel & Vendel (Bodelsdt) Helland  "Helland, Bodel & Vendel (Bodelsdt) 8th "

            Bodel Olsen Helland was born in Helland, Norway in the year1697 to Ole Tordson and Vendel Bodelsdt Helland. Norway was under Danish rule and everyone paid tithes to the Lutheran Danish Church. Helland from 1602 to about 1700 was called Halleland.

8. Peder Torgrimson & Kirsten (Olsdt) Helland  "Helland, Peder Torgrimson & Kirsten (Olsdt)" 8th

            8th generation back Peder Torgrimson Helland born in 1700, Helland Norway the son of Torgrim.  He married in 1722 Kirsten Olsdt. Of Helland. As discussed above her parents were Ole Tordson and Vendel Bodelsdt Helland. Peder died in 1767 in Risa, Norway.

9.Ole Tordson & Maren (Andersdt) Helland  "Helland, Ole Tordson & Maren (Andersdt)" 9th  

            Ole Tordson Helland was born in 1667 in Strand, Norway to Tord in Helland and in 1697 married Vendel Bodelsdt Helland. She was born in Helland in 1677to Bodel Nilsson  and Maren Andersdt in Helland. They too were under Danish rule that started in 1536 and they were Lutheran.

10. Tord Helland  "Helland, Tord"10th

            Tord was born and that is all we know

10.Bodel Nilsson & Maren (Andersdt) Helland  "Helland, Bodel Nilsson & Maren (Andersdt) 10th "

            Bodel Nilsson was born in Hummervoll in 1642 to  Nil. Bodel married Maren Andersdt born  in Vik, Norway to Anders Mortenson and Asa Ivarsdt. .  They moved to Helland.

            Bodel died in the year 1690 in Helland. Twenty-three years later Maren died in 1713.

11. Nils Helland  "Helland, Nils" 11th

            Nils was born.

11. Anders Mortenson & Asa Ivarsdt Helland  "Helland, Anders Mortenson & Asa Ivarsdt"11th

            Anders Mortenson was born in Vik, Norway . He married Asa Ivarsdt born in Jorpeleand, Norway.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Peder Helland

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 born    1755

                                                                                                                                                                                                                             place    Helland, Norway

                                                                                                                                                                                                                             married  1776     

                                                                                                                                                                                    Erik Helland               died       1836    

                                                                                                                                                                                     born 1776                          place      Norway 

                                                                                                                                                                                     place Helland, Norway       Lisbet  Ericksdt

                                                                                                                                                                                      married 1803                       born        1740

                                                                                                                                    Peder Helland                    place Norway                    place        Norway

                                                                                                                                     born 1806                                  Marta Knudsdt           died        1834

                                                                                                                                      place Helland, Norway              born     1776                       place        Norway

                                                                                                                                      married   1839                            place Sorgenfri, Norway

                              Lewis Helland                                                                        buried    Iowa, USA                   died & buried  Norway

                              born September 30,1857                                                                 Anna Vegner Jonsdt     Jon Gudmundson    Gudmund Olsen                              

                              place      Norway                                                                              born    1820                                                1786-1852            born        1744  ?

                              married    June 11,1895                                                                   place    Bjerga, Norway                 married    1813                    Leissvik

                              died        May 18,1935                                                                                                                                                                  Karen Hansdatter

                              buried    Roland, Iowa                                                                     buried   Roland, Iowa                   Metta Jorgensdt        Jorgen Olsen

                      Maria  Haukoos                             Mathias                                             born     1791                              1742 ?

                              born    October 10,1870                                       born 1842                                                                   place     Sorbo, Norway             Beierem, Gilleskaal, Norway

                              place     Norway                                                 place    Norway                                                         died       1861                            Malle Olsdatter

                              died    December 1934                                        died    1917                                                               place      Norway                        1748   ?

                              buried  Roland, Iowa                                          buried    Bergen Cemetery  Warren Twsp, Iowa


                                                                          born    1813

                                                                                                       place    Norway

                                                                                                        died    1907

                                                                                                       buried    Bergen Cemetery


                                                                                                                                               Ole Tordson Helland         son of  Tord

                                                                                                        born      1667

                                                                                                                                                 place        Strand, Norway

                                                                                                                                                 married     1697

                                                                                Bodel Olson                                                                                                        Bodel Nilsson  Helland        son of Nil

                                                                                 born 1697                                                  Vendel Bodelsdt. Helland          born     1642

                                                                                 Place Helland, Norway                               born    1677                                               place    Hummervoll

                                                                                                                                                   place    Helland                                           married  1672

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     died        1690

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      place        Norway

         Peder  Helland                                                                                                                                                                            Maren Andersdt        Anders Mortenson       

         born        1726                                                                                                                                                                                     born     Vik, Norway                     born   Vik, Norway

        place    Roaldstad, Norway                                                                                                                                                                   died       1713                               Asa Ivarsdt           

        married    1755                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           born Jorpeland, Norway

        died         1784

        Place        Helland, Norway                        Peder Torgrimson Helland

      Ingeborg Pedersdt. Helland        born     1700

        born     1733                                                 place     Helland, Norway

        place Helland, Norway                                   married    1722

        died    1811                                                  died        1767                                            Ole Tordson Helland        son of Tord

        place    Helland, Norway                                Place      Risa, Norway                                born     1667

                                                                            Kirsten Olsdt. Helland                place    Strand, Norway

                                                                            born        1700                                            married    1677                                                Bodel Nilsson Helland            son of Nil

                                                                            place         Helland, Norway                        Vendel Bodelsdt                          born        1642

                                                                            died        17--                                            born    1677                                                       place        Hummervoll

                                                                            place        Helland, Norway                         place    Helland                                                   married    1672

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      died        1690

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       place         Helland

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Maren Andersdt               Anders Mortenson

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       born    Vik, Norway                            born       Vik Norway

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        died    1713                                      died        Norway

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Asa                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 born    Jorpeland, Norway