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                                                                    John Raitt                 &        Cecilia Monroe Crabb


                                                                   B. December 15,1837             B. April 12,1837

                                                                   PL. Arbroath, Scotland            PL Arbroath, Scotland


                                                                                                                             James Crabb   &            Cecelia Monroe


                                                                                                                             B. 1794                           B. 1807

                                                                                                                                       M. January 24, 1829

                                                                                                                             D. February 11,1875          D. PL Scotland

                                                         Parents                                                         PL. Illinois, USA





                                       John Raitt              &              Elizabeth Dorward

                                       B. September 17,1805           B. June 20, 1803

                                       PL. Arbroath, Scotland           PL. Arbroath, Scotland

                                                            M. March 1,1833

                                        D. December 10,1880            D. August 8,1883

                                        Occ. Master Mariner               PL. Arbroath Abby Scotland



                                                                                        John Dorward         & Margaret Philip

                                                                                       D. June 26,1822         B. Mach 28,1764 

                                                                                       PL. Arbroath Abbey    PL. Arbroath Scotland

                                                                                       Occ. Wright               D. April 15,1852 (88yrs)






Maude Raitt Linage



                                                                                          Maude Raitt               &    Ralph Jockisch

                                                                                          B. March 17,1895              B.

                                                                                          PL. Rising City, Nebr.


                                                                                          PL. Bur  







                                                John Dorward Raitt Jr.         &         Lily Dorward Raitt

                                                B. January 26,1863                        B. December 28,1872

                                                PL. Glasgow, Scotland                   PL. Chonoa, Illinois

                                                M. March 21,1893          in              Central City, Nebraska                        

                                                D. June 1,1930                               D. December 12,1904

                                                Bur. PL. Circle Mound, Nebr              PL. Reading , Nebraska

                                                OCC. Sailor, farmer

                                                Faith: Methodist                               Faith: Methodist

                                                Cause: Lower Jaw cancer                     Cause: child birth






                     John Raitt            &          Cecilia Monroe Crabb             James Dorward  Raitt  & Elizabeth Abbott

                     B. December 15,1837    B. April 12, 1837                     B. October 3,1840            B. August 3,1843

                    PL. Arbroath, Scotland    Pl. Arbroath, Scotland             PL. Arbroath, Scotland      Pl. Glamis, Scotland

                    M. April 8,1859                                                             M. December 18,1868       D. September 24,1940

                                                          D. September 20, 1920           D. July 22,1917                PL. David City, Nebraska

                                                          Pl. David City, Nebraska          PL. David City, Nebraska

                                                          Cause: Stroke                         Cause: heart condition

                                                                                                            brought on by Asthma




                                            John Raitt               &      Elizabeth Dorward     John Abbott      &   Bridget Motley (Mottley)

                                            B. September 17,1805                       B. June 20, 1803                                                B. August 29,1768    or 1812 (David Raitt-          

                                           PL. Arbroath, Scotland                        PL. Arbroath, Scotland                                        PL Scotland      

                                           M. March 1,1833                                                                                                           D. Feb. 19,1880

                                           D. December 10,1880                         D. August 8,1883                                            PL. Washington Township

                                           Occ. Master Mariner                            PL. Arbroath Abby Scotland


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   John Dorward &              Margaret Philip

                                              Alexander Raitt                                          born     1765 ST Vigeans

                                              Born PL. Arbroath Parish, Scotland                married 1790   

                                              D. March 1,1833                                                                                                                          

                                               PL. Arbroath, Scotland





Archie Crabb                                                    

Jane                  Henry               Cecelia


James Crabb of English descent (1794 - Feb. 11,1875) M. Jan. 24,1829 Cecilia Monroe (Munro) (1807 -Dec. 13,1860) age 53. He died on of old age of eighty-one years. Both were born and died in Scotland.

            Before listing their children, in 1984 I received a letter from Dorothy E. Rittenhouse of Pontiac, Illinois pertaining to the Munro's. In her letter she speaks of her grandmother, Elizabeth Smart Munro Phillips being born in Arbroath, Scotland in 1839 who came to Tazewell County at the age of 12 with her parent William and Margaret Nicole Munro.  But, here is her letter:

            "My grandmother, Elizabeth Smart Munro Phillips was born in Arbroath, Scotland in 1839, came to Tazewell County when 12 years of age with her parents William and Margaret Nicole Munro. They had had a foundry in Arbroath, and this letter of yours proves that the Crabb family, the Nicols, Guthrie family all came from there, and had worked at the Munro foundry

            So I went to the local Livingston County, Illinois library for a copy of the Crabb biography and found to my amazement that the mother of John Crabb was Cecelia Monroe before her marriage. The three brothers, John Crabb, Henry and Archie are mentioned, and I know that Archie Crabb is buried in the Pike Cemetery, south of Graymont, Pike township, Livingston County, Illinois, where all my people are buried. We all attended the Bethel Methodist church (now taken down) in Pike township which I remember well.

            I am enclosing a snap of myself taken at the cemetery at the grave of my grandfather, John Tihlman Phillips whom I never knew as he died in 1906 and grandmother, Elizabeth Smart Munro born in Arbroath, Scotland. They raised a big family of 5 sons and 6 daughters and I am the youngest granddaughter. I have become so interested in family records and have traced the family for eligibility to Daughters the American Revolution through John Tihlmans’s mother, Susanna Northcraft  Cullom Phillips. She and Alfred Phillips were married in Wayne County, Kentucky, and came in 1830 to Tazewell County along with her brother Richard Northcraft  Cullom and family, whose infant son, Shelby Moore Cullom grew to manhood in Tazewell County, became Governor of Illinois from 1877—1883 and recorded all the family history. The Northcraft family were from Montgomery County, Maryland.

            There  are several Crabb relatives in the area but my sister-in-law- could give you the address of Marguerite Crabb. She is Mrs. Lola Crabb Rittenhouse, 306 Lincoln Avenue, Pontiac, Illinois 6176  I forgot to mention that my Great Grandparents are buried at Buckeye Cemetery near Morton in Tazewell County, probably the cemetery mention in your write up. If you care to contact the County Clerk of Tazewell County, they can probably tell you."




1. Henry Crabb   (Nov.15,1830 Arbroath, Scotland -3/9/1898,Illinois) M. Jan.29,1866 Margaret Sterling Guthrie. The obituaries give us lots of information . Since Margaret died first, here is hers.


The death of Mrs. Margaret Sterling Crabbe (Jan. 19,1898)


occurred at 6 o'clock Wednesday at her home in Chenoa, after an illness of less than a week with pneumonia. Mr. Crabbe has been and now in a very critical condition, and his wife's death is a sudden and sorrowful one.


  Mrs. Crabbe was born  May 6, 1834 in Glasgow, Scotland, and was a sister of Mr. John Guthrie. She leaves a husband, who is not expected to live, and three children, Anna, Jennie and harry Crabbe. She came to this country in January 1865, was married to Mr. Crabbe in January 29,1866, and came to Chenoa the same year.



The following is from a news paper article about the death of Henry Crabb   in 1898


In common with all of us he had his short-comings, faults and failings; but  I do  not doubt that called through long-continued and  patiently-endured sufferings to vacate his seat in the church  below, he has gone to join the beloved wife of his youth  in "The general assembly and church of the First-born, which is written (enrolled) in heaven."

                We miss him here, but shall soon meet him there. The funeral was from the Home on Friday, Mach 11, at 10: a.m. conducted by the pastor, Rev. T. J. Macmurray, assisted by a former pastor. A large number of relatives, neighbors and friends accompanied the family to the city cemetery, where the remains were  laid beside those of his beloved wife, so recently buried, and those of their dear little Willie and Gracie gone before; there to await "The blessed hope, and glorious appearing ."M. M.T.

Concerning the late Mr. Crabbe.

Mr. Henry Crabbe, whose death occurred Wednesday night at Chenoa, was born November, 15, Init, on the east coast of Scotland, fifty miles from Edinburgh

He came to this country in 1854, locating in Tazewell county. He moved to Chenoa in 1866.

He did a very successful business In the manufacture of  wagons and buggies. January 29, 1866 he was married. to Margaret Guthrie, of Peoria, a native of Scotland. Four Children were born to them, Jennie, Annie, Harry and Grace. Mr. Crabbe had served as village trustee add was held by great esteem.


Physically was a strong man, flint, notwithstanding his years, Till bowed down by his late illness. His intellectual endowment was of a high order. It lacked but the early advantages of education and culture-now so common- to have been marked or even brilliant.  As it was. with all his privation of early educational faculties, few sons of daily toil have come to be such constant and extensive readers of history and sound literature as Henry Crabbe. And perhaps few, if any, of us are endowed with such a retentive memory as he had.

                Socially he was cheerful and companionable. When intently engaged at his business one little acquainted might be disposed to regard his manner at tie as brusque, if not forbidding. But to know him more intimately was to find a kindly heart and most accommodating disposition. As his next door neighbor for a score of years, I came to know him well, not only as a kindly and most obliging neighbor but as a true and dear friend, one whom I shall miss  greatly. His sympathy and kindness toward me and mine can never be forgotten. He was a Christian well read in the Bible, constant in his attendance at church services and in his place in the Sunday School.

A man of sound views and clear convictions of truth and duty, a man of  unquestioning faith, and one who could and did appreciate the setting forth of the Gospel truth in a sermon. He loved the church and was always read to do what he could for its advancement. He was a man of tender heart and conscience, one to  whom the Saviour of sinners is precious.


Death of Henry Crabbe

DIED- March 9th,1898, of liver complaint inducing a severely jaundiced state of the system. Mr. Henry Crabbe, in his 69th year.

                The subject of the above notice was a native of Arbroath, Farfarshire, Scotland, born November 15th, 1830. In 1851 he came to America., landing first in Canada and in the following year to Tazwell county, near Washington, Illinois. In 1866 he and Miss Margaret S. Guthrie, of Peoria, ILL. were married, and settled in Chenoa. Herein1869 was built their pleasant and comfortable home where were spent the remainder of their days. In just seven weeks from her departure he called to join her in her heavenly home-and weeks of suffering they were.

                Mr. Crabbe was an esteemed and worthy citizen, a man of integrity, unselfish and regardful of the welfare of others. His business was that of the blacksmith and machinist, and he knew his business thoroughly having devoted himself to its acquirement from the time he was 15 years old. He was a skilled work man. Scarcely anything in iron or steel but that he could make-make it expeditiously and well. What he did was done well. His place on the city Board of Aldermen and on the School Board was characterized by the same thoroughness and regard for the interests entrusted. he was faithful, and few - if any - more diligent.

Henry and Margaret's children:


                        a. Jennie M. Crabb ( 1867 -1952 Illinois)

                        b. Willie Crabb ( Dec. 3,1868- Feb. 11,1869 Ill.)

                        c.  Anna Crabb ( May 19,1870 - Jan. 9, 1911 Ill.)

                        d. “Harry” Henry Crabb

                                    1. John Elmer Crabb (Aug.4,1896-Jan. 15,1969 Ill) Pvt Co F. 2 BN Rept     Tng World War 1

                                    2. Rodney Crabb

                        e.  Grace Crabb (March 19,1875 - Sept. 14.1882)


2. James  Crabb Jun. 16,1831-1857 Scotland


3.  Archibald Crabb   (Jun.18.1833 Scotland- Sept.19,1920 Chenoa, Ill.) M. Dec.25,1861 Mary Ann Dorward (April 14,1835- Scotland - Sept. 20,1858 El Paso, Ill.) Parents: Robert Dorward (Sept. Arbroath, Scotland - Dec.19,1846 Scotland) Parents: John Dorward & Jean Leslie. & Margaret Gibson (June 5,1803 Scotland - Jan.4.1880 Eureka, Ill.) Parents: Patrick Gibson & Jean Leslie.


                                a.  Florence Crabb 1863

                                b.  Henry Crabb 1866

                                c.  Robert A. 1869

                                d.  Margaret J. Crabb 1870

                                e.  Cecilia Crabb  1871

                                f.  Agnes 1873

ARCHIE Crabb (L p24-25)Biographical Record L=Livingston County Illinois published by S. J. Clarke Publishing company 1900 Thank you Dave

The early home of this well-known and honored citizen of Pike township was on the other side of the Atlantic, and on coming to the new world he was in limited circumstances, but so successful has he been in his business undertakings that he is now able to lay aside all labor and live a retired life upon his farm on section 4, Pike township, Livingston county, about eight miles from Chenoa.

Mr. Crabb was born in Arbroath, Forfarshire, Scotland, June 18 son of James and Cecelia (Monroe) Crabb, also natives of that county, when the mother died. The father, who followed the sea in early life, came to the United States after the death of his wife and spent his last years with a daughter in Illinois. During his boyhood and youth our subject had limited school advantages, and is mostly self-educated.

In 1854 he took passage on a sail vessel, bound for Montreal. Canada, and was seven weeks in crossing the Atlantic, during which time the ship encountered some severe storms. On their arrival in Quebec they were quarantined for two weeks, there being some twenty cases of smallpox on board. Mr. Crabb spent about six months in the city of Montreal, where he worked at his trade, that of a blacksmith. In 1854 he came to Illinois, and first located in Tazewell county, where he worked for his uncle, William Monroe- as a farm hand, for about two years and a half, at ten dollars per month. He next engaged in farming for himself upon rented land in the same county, where he continued to make his home until 1866, and in the meantime purchased eighty acres of land in Pike township. Livingston county, where he now resides. He located here in 1866, and commenced immediately to break the virgin soil, upon which he built a small house Later he purchased an adjoining eighty-acre tract, and still later another eighty-acre tract, and today has a fine farm of two hundred and forty acres, which he has placed under a high state of cultivation and improved with good substantial buildings, which stand as monuments to his thrift and enterprise. After years of faithful toil he cart now well afford to lay aside all business cares and enjoy a well earned rest.

In Tazeweil county. December 25. 1861. Mr. Crabb married Miss Mary Ann Dorward. who was born arid reared in the same neighborhood in Scotland as her husband and came to the new world in 1853. locating in Illinois. To them have been born six children. namely Florence. now the wife of William Snethen, of Pike township; John Henry, who is married and engaged in farming in the same township: Robert. also an agriculturist of Pike township: Margaret, wife of Lewis Brinkman, of Rooks Creek township: Cecelia, wife of Louis Salzman. of the same township; and Agnes, wife of C. B. Rollins. who operates the Crabb farm.

Mr. Crabb voted for Abraham Lincoln in 1860. but since 1868 has been independent in politics, giving his support to the men and measures that he believes will best advance the interests of the public regardless of party lines. He has taken quite an active part in local politics. and is now serving his sixth term as supervisor, and is now a member of the committees on public buildings. county house and farm, fees and salaries. He has also served as township clerk, assessor and treasurer, which office of treasurer he now holds, and as township trustee eighteen years. He and his wife are active members of the Presbyterian church, and his public and private life are alike above reproach, for his career has ever been one characterized by the utmost fidelity to duty. He and his family receive and merit the high regard of the entire community.


4. Ann Crabb ( April 14,1835 Scotland - Sept.20,1858 Scotland)


5.  Cecilia Monroe Crabb ( Apr.12,1837 Arbroath, Scotland- Sept 20,1920 David City, Nebr.) M. John Raitt April 8,1859. Cecilia is remembered as being a quiet person, kind, gentle and thoughtful. She was plagues by sickness and died of a stroke at the age of 84.


Cecilia Crabb  Raitt Family


            Cecilia Monroe Crabb was born in Arbroath, Scotland April 12,1837. Here, as a child she and her future husband  John Raitt  played, attended  school and the Presbyterian Church together. Both Cecilia and John united with the Presbyterian church on confession of faith in their youth. Both turned 17 that year.


             John’s father a sailor taught John how to sail a ship.  John also apprenticed in Iron molding. John and Cecilia were married April 8,1859. He supported his wife by working as an Iron molder. April 1,1863, and landed in New York in May and traveled to Peoria, Illinois where Cecilia’s brothers, sister, and father were living. John followed his trade of iron molder for six year, until poor health caused him to seek an occupation in the open air. At this time they moved to a farm near Chenoa, Ill and farmed for 45 years.


            In 1899 they moved to Nebraska locating on a farm three miles east of Rising City, Neb. where John spent the last 17 years of that forty-five years farming. Cecilia’s sister Jane Crabb Lawson and John’s brother James plus his son John  had already made their home nearby. On March 1,1916 they moved to David City (not far from Rising City) where they stayed until death.


            April 8,1909 at the home of their son Archie Crabb Raitt they celebrated their 50th wedding Anniversary. Seventy relatives and friends attended. Among them was Mrs. Arch Crabb a sister-in-law


            James D. Raitt, a brother of the groom was the only one present on this occasion who was present at the wedding a-half century ago. He and Mrs. Jane Lawson, who couldn’t come due to ill health, were the only two people in America who were present at the marriage. James Raitt, a brother of the groom , recalled that “at that time you were living under the British Government. Not long after you embarked for America, and became citizens of the United States. You have now lived under three forms of government, viz. The British government, the republican form of government, and the petticoat government and you look pretty good yet.”


            April 8,1919 they celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary again at their son's Archie Raitt. A little over a year later, Sept.21,1920, Cecilia died of a stroke. Her brother Archibald died during the same hour.


            The were members of the Methodist Episcopal Church of David City. Both were strong in their Christian Faith. The last few years of his life e read his Bible through several times a year. He lived with his children until he succumbed to his last sickness on July 18,1924 at Flanagan, Ill, age 86. Only a few days before his death he told his daughter that he hoped God would call him soon. for he was ready to go. He was id to rest next to his wife in Circle Mound Cemetery mile north of Rising City, Nebr.


            The following are the children of John and Cecelia Raitt.


                a. Elizabeth Dorward Raitt   ( April 24,1859 Scotland -1937) M. Feb.21,1877 Barnwell  Alexander Taylor (April 2,1855 Springfield, Ill. -Nov. 16,1934 Ill.) Parents: Alexander           Taylor & Mary Frances Cawtharon.

            b. John Raitt Jr.    (Jan.26,1863 Glasgow, Scotland -June 1,1930           David City, Nebr.- lower jaw cancer) M. March 2,1893 Lily Dorward Dec.28,1872-   Dec. 12,1904).Nebr. We will take up their family much later.


            c. Archibald  Crabb Raitt(Feb.10,1867 Peoria, Ill.- April 20,1931 or 2 Lincoln ,Nebr.

                        M. Dec. 7,1904 Carrie E. Ord. He died of cancer 4/20/1931 Farmer

            d.  James (Jim) Raitt  (Jan.22 or 26,1865 - Oct.8,1953) died of old age

            e Margaret Ann Raitt (March 2,1871or3 -April 4,1945) M. March 1898 William B.  Lindley.

                        1. Austin Raitt (Jan.17,1902-Sept. 8,1982 Minonk Protestant cemetery) M. Jun.  2,1929 Roseable

                        Ford (Mar.28,1903)

                        2.Helen  Lindley ((Apr. 11,1904) m. Melvin Thuesad  (Jan.9,1897-May 161970)

                        3.Margaret (Aug. 5,1908-Jan. 15,1971) m. John White (Sept.12,1908- Aug.22,1978) Sycamore, Ill.

                                    a. Jay              

            f. Cecilia Raitt March 1861 lived 5 years.

            g. Robert Raitt March 1869 died age 2

                h. Jennie Crabb Raitt(Mar.2,1875 Livingston, ILL-Feb. 5,1927 Bloomington, ILL) M.   Harvy Holt (d. May 22,1959). She died of breast cancer 2/5/1927   Occupation: Teacher

                        1. Merle Samuel May 31 (adopted).

Country Wedding.


            J. Harvey Holt, of Flanagan, and Miss Jennie Raitt, of Rising City Neb., were married Thursday at 3 p. m. at the home of the bride's sister, Mrs. William Lindly, near this city, Rev. E. Mc Omber. pastor of Minonk M. E. Church, officiating. Mr. and Mrs. Holt will reside on their farm near Shiloh. The bride formerly made her home In Minonk and graduated from the local high School. She taught school In Livingston county and later In Nebraska. Her many friends here will wish her and her husband a happy married life.

Notice of Hearing’ on Petition for Administration of Estate.

State of Nebraska, Butler county,  ss. In the county court of Butler county, Nebraska.

In the matter of the estate of Jennie E.  Holt, deceased. (Maude Jockisch's father John Raitt's sister)

            J. Harvey Holt Elizabeth D. Taylor,, Margaret R. Lindley, Matilda B. Hewitt, John Raitt , James C. Raitt, Archie C. Raitt and all other persons interested in said matter are hereby notified that on the 10th day of October, 1927, Archie C. Raitt and J. Harvey Holt filed a petition in said county court alleging among other things that Jennie R. Holt died on the 6th day of February, 1927, leaving no last will and testament and (rest of article missing.)


            h. . Emma Belle Raitt RaB. Jul. 30,1876 m. J. Harvey Holt Jan.30,1901 Died of Child Birth 11/5/1927           


                i. .  Matilda (Tillie)  Dec. 13,1878 m. George Samuel Hewitt Aug.3,1904She died  5/1975or6 strokes   Teacher

                                1. Merle Samuel May 31-May31,1906)

                                2. George Burton (Oct.25,1907 -8)

                                3.Cecilia Katherine (Feb.15-16,1909)

                                4. Gladys Mae (July 2,1911) M. Glenn Kolbo

                                5. Paul Archibald

                                6. Lucille Margaret (M. Bill E. Lyos

                                7. Mildred Elizabeth ( M. Orval Bunnell

                                8.   Harold   Austin (



6.John Crabb   (July 1,1839 Forfarshire or Arbroath, Scotland-Sept. 1,1916 Petosky, Michigan) M. Hannah E. Capes Dec. 25,1865 Livingston county, Illinois. Age 18 he sailed to Quebec, Canada and traveled to Tazewell county, Illinois joining Henry and Archie as a farmer.  He took an interest in the Prohibition movement and was a member of the school board for some years. Him and his wife  were member of the Bethel Methodist Episcopal Church. His father John Crabb joined them two or three years later. Hannah was from Lincolnshire, England  She died July 12, 1909 In U.S.A. Her Father Was Willoughby Capes. The following is Obituary Plus added Info


            John Crabb was born in .Arbroath, Forfarshire Scotland, July 1st,1839 and died in Petosky, Michigan, September 1st, 1916 aged 77 year and 2 months -He was the youngest son of James and Cecelia Monroe Crabb.[He worked in a foundry for three years prior to his emigration to America-probably the Monro foundry.] At the age of eighteen he came to this country [The voyage lasted six weeks, during which time they encountered two severe storms, but finally landed at Quebec in safety in August, 1857.] and settled in Tazewell Co., Ill [Where his brothers, Henry and Archie, had previously located.]


             [They were joined by their father two or three years later and he made his home in this country throughout the remainder of his life, dying in 1875 at a ripe old age of eighty-one years.] [At first John Crabb worked on a farm by the month and later he and his brother Archie, rented land and engaged in farming together for seven years. At that period the property was divided John] removed to Livingston Co., Ill., [He purchased a tract of raw prairie land in Pike township, to the improvement and cultivation of which he devoted his energies until 1889, when he sold that place and bought his present farm of one hundred and twenty acres of land on section 9, the same township. At that time it was only slightly improved, but he, has remodeled the residence, tiled the land, erected good outbuildings and made many other improvements, transforming it into a most desirable farm] where he resided until 1905, at which time he moved to Remington, Ind., which was his home until the time of his death. (At age 77 he was struck by lightning causing a head injury being an indirect cause of death.)


            On the 25th of December1865-6 he was united in marriage to Hannah E. Capes,[Livingston county] with whom he shared the joys and sorrows of life until she was called  home July l2th,1909. [Miss Hannah E. Capes, a sister of David D. Capes. She was born in Lincolnshire, England, but was only three years old when brought to this country by her father, Willoughby Capes, who first settled in Tazewell County, Illinois, but later came to Livingston county. ]


            Mr. Crabb leaves to mourn their loss, seven children, fifteen grandchildren, one brother and two sisters, besides a large number of other relatives and friends.


            The children are Charles   A. of Pontiac Ill., Walter J., of Chenoa, Ill, Mrs. L.C. Phillips of Hicksville, Ohio, Mrs. G.F. Pampel, of Hastings, Neb., Mrs. S. H. Cornwell, of Rensselaer, Ind., [Ada] Mrs. Henry C. Beeks

 [farmer in Benton county, Indiana] and [Elizabeth wife of Lucius Phillips, a farmer of Pike township, this county],[Zeplyr] Mrs. H.V. Hensler, both of Remington, Ind.[Dora and Ethel].


            His brother, Mr. Archie Crabb, resides at Chenoa, Il., and his sister Mrs. John Raitt and Mrs. Jane Lawson at David, Neb.


            He was  brought up  in the Presbyterian faith but  soon after his marriage he united with the Methodist Church of which he was faithful and loyal member until he was called to his eternal-reward. He was a kind and loving husband. and father, good citizen and a devoted Christian. His bright loving disposition made him a host of friend wherever he went.


            [Politically, Mr. Crabb was originally a Republican, but of late years has supported the Democratic party, and being a friend of temperance he takes an interest in the Prohibition movement. He was an efficient member of the school board for some ears and gives his support to every enterprise which he believes calculated to advance the moral, educational or social welfare of the community in which he lives.] The part in [ ] were taken from the Biographical Record of Livingston County Illinois Chicago: The S. J. Clarke Publishing Company year 1900.


      The following are the children of John and Hannah Crabb:


            a. Ada Mae Crabb ( Nov. 13,1871-Aug. 18,1923) M Henry Beeks(Jan.20,1866Dec.   20,1931)

            b. Charles  Crabb (July 7,1874-June 8,1924) M. Mary Alice Irons  

                        1. Gladys Irene  Crabb M. Mar. Harry  Fammen


                                    a. Donald Harold  Fammen

                                    b. Catherine Ann Fammen ) mar. JMartin    Neubauer

                                                1. John Neubauer

                                                2. Jennefer Neubauer


                        2. Dorothy Ruth Crabb(Nov.20,1910-Oct.5,1983)M. Oct. 19, 1931 Ralph    Knight(div. March 4,1948) mar.  Arleyh Jones


                                    a. David Knight March 15,1943 M. July 12,1969 Sandra Husted June  15,1949

                                                1. Kimberly Knight Dec. 12,1970

                                                2. Brent Knight July 17,1978


                        Second Marriage Arleyh Jones

                                    b.  Linda Jones M. Oct 8, 1970 John Peterson(div.1975)

                                                1. Shelly Peterson June 23,1971


                        3. Lola Marie Crabb (Apr.2,1901-)mar. Dec. 23,1933 Charles   Rittenhouse (June  13,1904-Sept 15,1946)


                                    a. Mary Joanne Rittenhouse (Aug. 21,1934-Sept3,1983) lrst Married.  Larrance Molton (June 1922-Oct.18,1964)                                       

1.                                                         1.Charles  David Molton M. Colleen  Kammerman (Oct. 13,1958-April 1981cancer)

                                                            a. Brenda Molton


                                    Marrried 2nd. m.  Dale Field

                                                2. Dale Field Jr.  

                                                3. Sherrie Field       

                                                4. David Field    


                        4. Lucille Hazel Crabb ( Jan. 29,1903-Jan.26,1966) M. Jan. 10,1925 Roscre Kiser   Aug. 30,1905


                                    a. Roscre Laurence Kiser Feb. 16,1972 died at birth

                                    b. Richard Crabb Kiser April 30,1926 M. June 2,1951 Beverly Dalph    April 7,1933


                                                1. Gayle Kiser Oct.19,1952 M. Jane 16,1972 William Miller

                                                            a. Crystal Marie Miller June 17,1977

                                                            b. Billy Jr. Miller      May    6,  1976

                                                            c. April Lynn Miller March 31,1977


                                                2. Richard Kiser  M. Tracey Meyers

                                                            a. Richard Kiser Jr.

                                                            b. Laura Kiser          

                                                3. Barbara Kay Kiser  M.  Kenneth   Nowinaka


                                                4. Sherrie Kiser married  Ralph Tregory

                                                            a. Adrine  Tregory

                                                            b. David Tregory  


                                    c. Kenneth James Kiser ) mar.  mar.  Dorothy Kime


                                                1. Karen Kiser M. Robert  Kridner

                                                            a. Robert Jr.  Kridner

                                                            b. Ryan         Kridner  

                                    Cathleen Chapman  Second wife.

                                                            a. Shane Kiser                                                  

                                                3. Brenda (Kiser  M. J Bradley Hall

                                                            a. Jennifer Hall


            c. Elizabeth Ann Crabb married Lucius Philips.

            d. Walter J.          Crabb (. He had 3 daughters.

            e. Dora Cecelia    Crabb  married Cornwell

            f. Ethel Zane        Crabb  married  Pamped

            g. Zephyr Trace    Crabb M. H. Vern Hensler



7.Jane Crabb (Jan. 15, 1844 Scotland -10/15/1934 Nebr.)  M. Robert Lawson Mar.10 1865 Morton, Ill. She first belong to the Presbyterian Church and then the Methodist. Robert Was born in Dundee, Scotland  10/16,1833 and died in Ill 7/3/1908.  Jane died at the age of 90.


            Jane Crabb was born Jan. 15,1844 in Arbroath, Scotland the youngest of 7 children. Here she received her education. At the age of 16 her mother died being only 53 years old. By this time only Jane and possibly her sister Ann were left at home with the rest living in Illinois except Cecilia who was married. Jane and her father then moved to Illinois. Here Jane met Robert Lawson at a Caledonia Club( a group of Scotch people). He was also from Arbroath , Scotland.


            Being Robert was ten years her senior born Oct. 16,1833, he had time to be a sea captain in Scotland, and spent over three years in Allmerica's? civil war. He had lived in Canada for six years and then emigrated to America settling in Washington, Ill. He was a member of the Presbyterian Church and a faithful Christian till his last hour. Jane and Robert were married in Morton, Ill. March 10,1865.He was a soldier of the civil war and for over 3 years he served in the  five months after his honorable discharge from the 47th Regiment Ill. Volunteer. He was honorably discharged in Oc. 1864.


             In 1885 they came and settled in Rising City, Nebr. Robert and Jane had four sons and eight daughters. In March of 1908 sickness befell him causing constant suffering especially the last weeks of his life ending on July 3,1908.  At the time of his death he was a member of E.M. Stanton Post No. 20 G.A.R. He was a man of honor and strict integrity kind and indulgent in his home and lived to leave a blessing where he went. Jane also knew sickness , but was able to live until Oct 15,1934 celebrating her 90th birthday. She was my Great Aunt Ethel Raitt Van Matre’s favorite aunt. They both died in Nebr.


                                                                                                                                                        Cecelia, Grace , Mattie, John, Ellen, Jennie, Lillie,Grace

                                                                                                                                                         Cora,             Ralph,          William      Jim


                The following are the children of Robert and Jane Crabb


            1.Cecelia Lawson ( Jan 8,1866- April 17,1951) M. March 28,1888 William Kinnison


            2.Matilda(Lillie) Lawson( Aug. 27,1951) M. William Armagast

                        a. Earl   Armagest

                        b. Clarence Armagest M. Adria Foster          

                        c. Grace Armagest M. Roy Witte      

                        d. Mable Armagest M. David Shea   

                        e. Chester Armagest

                        f. Glen Armagest        

                                    1. Glenn Armagest M. Bess Bayer     Jun.19,1975

                        g. Chester Armagest

                        h. Pearl Armagest (9/17/1902- May 5,1976) M. April 4,1923 Max Suddarth(D. 1970)

            3. Martha(Mattie)Lawson M. Mar. 9,1893 Leonard Widdison (died Sept.17,1944 age 75)

                        a. Edna            Widdison

                        b. Wilbur Widdison M. Arlette          

                        c. Napier         

            4. Ellen Lawson M. Char Fulmer

                        a. Jane Fulmer

                        b. Hazel Fulmer M. Pike

                        c. Ruth            Fulmer

            5. John L. Lawson M. Emma Baer    

                        a. Edith Lawson  M. James Presley    

                                    1.Lesley Presley         

                                    2.Robert Presley         

                                    3.Edna Presley           

                                    5. Eva Presley Married Aggerholm

                                    6.Kenneth Presley      

            6. Jennie Lawson   M. Thomas Roberts

                        a. Sherriefhere

            7.Grace Lawson   M. Jan. 27,1904 James Kissack son of William Kissack

                        a. Verna Lister Kissack

                        b. Evelyn Kissack      

                        c. Lesley Kissack Killed in WWI stepped on a mine

            8. Jim Lawson m. Lollie Sevens (Jan.10,1886-Dec. 30,1970) F

                        a. Robert Lawson   died in infancy

                        b. James Lawson  M. Floy

            9. Cora Lawson   M. George Rummel

                        a. Don Rummel

                        b. Liz Rummel 

                        c. Irma Rummel          -.

                        d. Bob Rummel

                        e. Ruth Rummel

                        f. Ellen Rummel

            10. William Lawson

                        a. Marcella Lawson                        

                        b. Bill Lawson

                        c. Debbie Lawson

                        d. Kevin Lawson

            11. Mary Lawson married Mysenberg

                        a. Eva

                        b. John Mysenberg 

            12. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Lawson    m. CA. B. Rollins

          13. Ralph Lawson   (May 6__ - Jun. 13.1951 M. Verne Prell   (died Jun.28,1978  age83)

                        a. Betty                         b. Ivan Thomas   I

                        c. Richard 

                        d. Harold




                On Wednesday, January 29, 1913, at high noon, occurred a very pretty wedding at the home of Mrs. Lawson. four miles north of Rising City, it being the marriage of her daughter Lizzie to Mr. C. B. Rollins, of Chenoa, ILL., The wedding ceremony  was pronounced by Rev. W. H. Shoaf in the presence of about fifty guests, all relatives. The color scheme, of pink and white, was carried out with carnations and fern leaves. The bride was attired in a beautiful gown of olive green messaline silk.


                12. Ralph Lawson   (May 6 - Jun. 13,1951) M. Verne Prell   (Died age 83 yrs Jun./28/1978)

                        a. Betty Lawson                          d. Harold. Lawson  

                        b. Ivan Thomas Lawson                c. Richard Lawson