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The Holy Spirit can only dwell in those who believe Jesus is Lord and that God raised Him from the dead. The in filling of the Holy Spirit or Baptism of the Holy Spirit can only come to those who are the temple of the Holy Spirit. The following Mormon reference may or may not received the gift of tongues from the Holy Spirit. He knows their hearts. I do not. We can ask did the tongues and interpretation bring others to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ? Did these people accept that Jesus shed His Blood at Calgary and rose from the dead? If the answer is, NO, then the gift of tongues is not from the Holy Spirit.

342-420                    *Jerome      Did not speak in Holy Spirit Tongues. 

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              341                                    St Barsabas

345                  St Aphraates

356                  St Hilarion

                   347-407                     Chrysostom

                   354-430           * Augustine of Hippo Did not speak in Holy Spirit Tongues.

362                  Hilary of Poitiers

362                  St Theodoret of Antioch

                   365-435                     John Cassian the Roman

390                  Leo the Great

393-466            Theodoret of Cyrrhus

400s             St. Euthymius                                          

400s             St. Patrick XE "Patrick"                                     

400s             St.Macedonius                                     

400s             St. Maesymas                                         

400s             St.Maron                                               

400s             St James of Cyrrhestica                          

400s             Bishop Nonnos                                             

409-493        St. Daniel the Stylite                          

430                St. Thalelaeus                                         

340-523        St.Philoxenus of Mabbug                 

459                St.Symeon (Stylites)                             

465               St.Besa                                      

465-539        St.Severus                                            

468                St.Anthony the Hermit                           

480-547        St. Benedict                                              

500s             St. Harvey                                              

500s             St. Sabbas the Sanctified                                

504                St. Severinus                                           

510.               St. Brieuc                                               

541                St. Desideratus                                       

550                St. Albinus                                                 

564                St. Abundius                                           

580-662        St.Maximus                                         

585                St. Eleutherius                                         

586                St. Cadida the Younger                                  

604                St. Augustine of Canterbury                  

620                St. Basolus                                               

626                St. Aidan                                               

687                St.John of Beverly                                          

695                St. Angardresma                                     

700s             St.Abdisho (Joseph) Hazzaya                      

700s             St. Isaac the Syrian                                

705                St. Hubert                                               

710                St.Joseph Hazzayua                              

725                St.Vodoaldus                           

734                St. Peter the Athoite                               

741-52           Pope Zacharias                                           

748                St. Leoba                                               

200s-800s   The Paulines                                             

800-865        St. Ansgar                                              

805                St.Amalberga                             

820                St. Leo the Armenian               

826                St. Theodore the Studiete                       

877                St. Andrew the Scot                          

840                St Ansovin

930                 St. Athanasius  the Athonie       

949-1022 or 1032 St. Simeon the New Theologian                 

950-1010      St. Gregory of Narek)                        

952                St. Basil the Younger                             

969                St. Olga                                     

988                St. Vladimir                                              

1012              St. Benedict of Szkalka                                   

1015              St. Adelaide of Bellich                         

1073              St. Dominic of Silos and                                 

1090-1153   St. Bernard of Clairvaux                                 

1092              St. Veremundus                                      

1098-1179   St. Hildegard of Bingen                         

1127              St. Albert of Montecorvino              

1134              St. Abraham                                             

1170-1221    Saint Dominick                                           

1181-1226    St. Francis of Assisi                        

1182-1246    St. Lutgardis                                             

1193              St. Bartholomew of Fame                       

1227              St. Anthony of Padua                          

1268 1308  Clare of Montefalco                              

1287-1320    Margaret of Castello                               

1296-1359    Gregory of Palamas                               

1300             Ange Clarenus                                            

1307              St. Albert of Trapani                        

1309              Bl. Angela of Foligno                        

1302/3-1373 St. Bridget                                              

1314-1392     Elder Sergius                                    

1317-1429     Elder Paul of Obnora                        

1320-1371      Nicholas Cabasilas                                 

1350-1419      Vincent of Ferrier                                           

1373            St. Andrew Corsini                                               

1380-1447       St Colette                                    

1396              St Stephen                                               

1418              Beato Angelico                                  

1429              Elder Cyril of Belozersk                                

1433-1508     Saint Nilus of Sora                                     

1445              St. John of Sahagun                              

1477- 1515   Saint Anthony of Siya                           

1449-1533    Saint Alexander of Svir                           

1483              St. Casimir of Poland                         

1483-1546     Martin Luther      This was reported by one German author.      Though very questionable. He certainly was bold in his faith.                         

1484-1531     Ulrich Zwingli      I find it hard to believe this man who killed Ana Baptist could be filled with the Holy Spirit.             

1488-90-1525  Thomas Mntzer                                   

1494             Bl. Archangela Girlani                         

1496-1561     Menno Simons                                    

1526-1581      Louis Bertrand                                            

1532            St. Cyril of New Lake    

1537            St. Cornelius of Komel                         

1542            St. John of the Cross                             

1550              Saint Camillus De Lellis                         

1592              St. Alexander Sauli                                   

1607              De Pazzi                                                 

1612              St. Euprosynus                                        

1506-1522    St. Francis Xavier                                   

1572              St. John Leonardi                                            

1585-1638   Cornelius Jansen                                     

1585              St. Diodorus of George-hill                  

1600s           Saint Dorothy of Kashin                         

1603-1663    St. Joseph of Cupertino                                

1613              St. Irenarchus of Solovki                        

1646              The Quakers                                           

1650s           St. John Joseph of the Cross              

1662              Blaise Pascal                                               

1662-1714    Matthew Henry                                      

1668              Madam Guyon                                     

1668-1739    Bl. Angelus of Acri                        

1685-1715     The Camisards                       

1689              The Huguenots                                          

1703 to 1791     John Wesley                                              

1706-1757         Jacob Baumgarten     

1713-1784          Junipero Serra                         

1727                   St. Veronica Giuliani                        

1759-1833          Seraphin of Sarov

1762-1832           Adam Clarke                                     

1769-1837          Bl. Anne Mary Taigi                               

1792                Jean of St. Francis                               

1792-1834         Edward Irving                           

1799-1847         Sarah Leavitt                                     

1794-1821,Elizabeth Bayley Seton --------------yes

1807-1874 Phoebe Worrall Palmer New York yes

1830  The Irvingites -------------------------------- yes

1830 James and George MacDonald-----------yes

1830 Shakers   numbered 6,000------------------yes

April 31, 1831  Mrs. Cardale ---------------------yes

October 19, 1832 Oxford Street Pentecostal  manifestations yes

1837-1899 Dwight L.Moody ------------------------------------------yes

1841 Armenians Kara, Kala Mt Ararat. ----- yes

1841-1843 Readers --------------------------------yes

1794,Elizabeth Bayley Seton</b> was the first native born American to be canonized by the Catholic Church. Born two years before the American Revolution,

Glossolalia 1850-1900
1850-1930 Mary Gill Moise-----------yes
1850-1920 Henry Michael Turney- -yes
1853 Benjamin Brown Testimonies For The Truth yes
1853 A.W. Mitchell, M.D. --------------yes
April 6, 1853 Brigham Young, ---------yes
1853-1931 Jonathan A.A. B. Paul------yes
A.D. 1854 Elder F. G. Mathewson ----yes
April 19, 1854 John Taylor, -------------yes
1854-1930 Alexander A. Boddy--------yes
1854-1939 Leanore Barnes-------------yes
1855 Russia ... Deep in Czarist Russia, yes
8 April 1855 George Smith, ---------------yes
1856-1936 Willis Collins Hoover---------yes
January 11, 1857 Heber C. Kimball,-----yes
1859 Jansenists -------------------------------yes
1859-1947 Smith Wigglesworth------------yes
1859-1912 Minnie F. Abrams---------------yes
1862-1940 Thomas ball Barratt-------------yes
(1864), Heber Kimball Journal, Millennial Star 26 (1864), yes
1864-1916 Paul Bettex-----------------------yes
(1865), Elder Lyman Sherman------------yes
November 15, 1864 George Albert Smith, --yes
1865-1943 Ambrose Jessup Tomlinson-----yes
1870-1922 William Joseph Seymour---------yes
1870-1935 John G Lake------------------------yes
1873 YMCA Sumerland, England---------yes
1873-1929 Charles F. Parham---------------yes
1874-1875 Gift People five different states in New England.) 1874-1918 Ivey Glenshaw Campbell-----------yes
1875 R.B. Swan Providence, Rhode Island yes
1875 Charles Finney ----------------------------yes
1875-1955 Anna Larssen Bjorner------------yes
1877-1958 Fred Francis Bosworth------------yes
1878-1926 Margaret Cantel------------------yes
1879-1939 Herbert Buffum-------------------yes
1879 Arkansas, W. Jethro Walthall----------yes
1880 Switzerland, Maria Gerber -------------yes
1880 Armenia (Some)----------------------------yes
1881-1971 H.A. Baker--------------------------yes
- 1882-1947 Daniel Powell Williams-----------yes
1883-1984 Frank Matthews Boyd-----------yes
1884-1963 Daniel Berg --------------yes
1887-1976 Louis Daliere------------------------yes
1889 Delaware, Ohio ----------------------------yes
1889--1951Simon Kimbangu-------------------yes
1890-1944 Mimee Semple McPherson------yes
1891-1945 William Jones Willams----------yes
1892 Henry H. Ness of Seattle, Wash., ----yes
1895 Pastor C. M. Hanson, of Dalton, Minnesota, yes
1895 B.H.Irwin ------------------------------------yes
1896 Greenfield, S. Dak in the First Methodist yes
1896 Cherokee County, North Carolina ----yes
1897 Charles h. Mason and C.T. Jones -----yes
1899 H.L. Christopher of New Britain--------yes
1848 the Albertine Statute of Emancipation




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