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The name Jockisch is German from a West Slavic  and part of the personal name Jakob




                                                                                                        Ralph Jockisch                                      M. Elizabeth Raitt

                                                                                                       B. December 6,1886                             B. March 17,1895

                                                                                                       PL. Rising City, Nebraska                      PL. Rising City Nebraska


                                                                                                       D. June 21,1946                                   D. December 21,1982

                                                                                                              PL. Live Oak Cemetery, Duarte, California

                                                                                                      Faith:                         Lutheran

                                                                                                      Occupation: Mason

Emil (Amos) T. and Susan Frances (Smith) Jockisch ninth child was Ralph Ervin born Dec. 6,1886 in Rising City, Nebraska. Ralph had three older living brother and three older living sisters. His sister Maggie died when he was 12 years old. Ralph lived at home until he was at least 22 where he helped his dad with the farm. Like all young men he registered for the draft. The draft records give his birth date as June 12,1886 in Rising City, Butler County, Nebraska.

He fell in love with Maude Raitt and they were married. February 28 he married Maude Raitt around the age of 31. Ralph learned the trade of masonry and became recognized for his skillfulness. Their first three children were born in Nebraska. They moved to California around 1925 and eventually settled in Monrovia.

His father taught him along with the other sons the plastering and cistern building business. He paid close attention and as he grew older made his living by it.

After moving to California it was discovered he had heart trouble. By this time he had his own business that he advertised by a sign on their home. Ralph played the mandolin and his brother Fred the guitar at the First Christian Church. When Ralph's oldest child Frances had learned to play the Clarinet she joined them. They played at the church and lodge activities.

Ralph enjoyed playing checkers, cards and other games at the Monrovia City Park. A heart attack took his life at the age of 60. He was a member of the Monrovia First Christian Church and he did a lot of plastering and cement work on the church as it was being built after his family joined it.

Ralph and Maud. were blessed with four children. A news paper article below shows his brother and him plastering a bank. On his house he put up the sign R E Jockisch, Plastering brick and stone, Mason. Ralph worked on Boulder Dam that later became known as Hoover Dam.

Maude had inherited some land from her parents. After moving to California, she sold it so her and her husband could put a down payment on the house where they lived. The landlord wanted to sell, and they wanted to buy.

In 1931 their youngest child was born. Little did they know that Ralph would pass away in 1946 of a heart attack. Having this youngest child David Dale at home greatly helped Maude at this time.

World War II started in the late 30's, early 40's. Ray their oldest son joined the service and their third child Easter became a lady Marine. Maude after the passing of her husband went to work at various jobs. For a while she worked for assessors department. Another time she worked in a factory making ceramic animals. Besides all this she was a seamstress. Another way of bringing in income was by using one of the rooms that had a door to the outside as rental.

                                                                                                      Cause: Heart attack/Diabetes              Cause: Hardening of the Arteries/stroke


                                                    Emil Amos Jockisch      Susan Frances Smith

                                           B. March 11,1849                               B. April 16,1847

                                                    PL. Rising City, Nebraska                    PL. Staffordshire, England


                                                       D. March 16,1916                              

                                                      Faith: Lutheran

                                                  Occupation: Plaster;Cistern Builder, Mason


                There is some confusion in regards to Gottlieb, I was told it was Heinrich, however it looks like Heinrich was married to Louise Eckardt with entirely different children. Therefore, Gottlieb possibly could be Carl Christian Gottlieb born May 11,1816. Still researching   


other web sites with information on Jockisch:


  Carl Christian Gottlieb Jokisch (Jockisch), born May 11, 1816 in Germany; married Margaret Scheidt. 


                                      Carl Gottlieb Jockisch                 Margaret Scheidt                                       J. D. Smith                Martha

                               B.                                                                                                        B. January 29,1810



this picture came down identified as Margaret Scheidt Jockisch

                               M. age 17


Faith: Methodist


     Carl Gotthelf                                      Maria Elizabeth Jacob                             Christina Elsner

    B. June 20,1796                              B. October 24,1790                           B.   October 23,1811

    m.  May 1815 in Germany                  Pl.  Saxc

D. October 9, 1851                          D. January 24,1835    Pl. Ill


Johann Gottlieb Jockisch     &         Johanna Richter

B. November 5,1771                           B. December 21,1766

PL Krostau, Saxc                                D. August 30,1846

D. September 23,1835



Johann Christopher Jockisch (1736-February 8,1771) m. Anna Maria (1738-)



Johann Gottlieb  Johann Gottlieb"  Jockisch, his wife Johanna Richter and family in 1828 immigrated to the U.S. through New Orleans.  They did not arrive in Beardstown,  Illinois until February 2, 1835.


Short Biography of Johann & Johanna Jockisch


            The older children's newspaper articles say they moved in 1828. The younger children's articles say they did not move until 1834. What may account for this is their mother died in St. Louis when the younger children were toddlers. Their father died in 1850 and may not have even discussed where they were born.

             If the older children are correct then where were the youngest born? A suggested answer is Texas.  Finding records for 1828-1834 in Germany and the USA are a challenge. We are going to go by the older children's in this part.

            The year was 1828. The decision had been made to move to America. The Jockisch's were on their way. The first step for their journey was getting to a major port. This was done on foot , cart, train, or river boat. If they went by river boat they boarded a boat on the Rhine River to Rotterdam, the Elbe to Hamburg, or the Wesser to Bremen/Bemerhaven. Finally reaching a port they had to wait for the ship. This took several days to weeks. Some had to wait for years.   Our ancestors went either to Bremen/Bremerhave( if our ancestors left in 1828 they would not have gone to this one since the docks did not open until 1830), Hanover or Hamburg, Germany.

            Before 1850 only sailing ships were available. The length of the trip depended on the winds, tides and other factors making it a  four to twenty-four weeks: the average being 8 weeks. For the Jockisch's  the journey to New Orleans was 8 weeks. The following is a description of the traveling conditions.

             " The overwhelming majority of immigrants traveled in steerage where there was not lighting and passengers were packed in a tightly as space would allow. Steerage passengers had to provide their own bedding. Each passenger got a berth that was 18 inches wide by 6 feet long. The berths were often in tiers up to four rows high. Frequently they were poorly built and rickety... Water seeped into the steerage through holes that were supposed to be for ventilation.  There was on the average one toilet for every hundred passengers.  Frequently the toilet was on deck, where they could not be reached in rough weather...Early ships were often called "coffin ships" because of the frightful conditions and the numbers of people who died during the crossings. "


            I am sure this presented many challenges for Johann and Johanna, their children and grandchildren: Johann II and his wife Johanna Christina Jacob plus their daughter Johanna Christina  , and their son Carl (Charles) Gotthelf   with  his wife Marie Jacobs along with their children: Carl Christian Gottlieb also known as Charles, Carl "August", Johanna Christina, Carl Friederich Gotthlef, Carl Traugott Jockisch, Traugott Ernst "Ernest, Carl Wilhem "William", and Heinrich Gottlieb "Henry".  William and Henry if the older children are correct would have been born in America.

            Johann and Johanna Jockisch other children stayed in Germany. Rahele is said to have married a man with the last name of Seiler. As for Fridrika and Lady Christiana I do not know if they were dead or alive since only I have their birth date and place.

           Many of their country men and women were also immigrating through New Orleans. Leaving New Orleans they traveled to Texas. About eight years passed and they decided to go to Illinois. Boarding a steamboat they journeyed for 12-14 days up the Mississippi River that started its journey in New Orleans to go to St. Louis.*


*"By the 1830's Steamboats with larger engines took approximately 12-14 days to go from New Orleans to St. Louis. This was a big improvement over keelboats which made the trip in 90-100 days. Of course it was faster going downstream. "

              In St. Louis malaria took the life of the children's mother Maria just three months after losing her new born.  They left St Louis and went on a ship up the Illinois River landing in Beardstown, IL February 2, 1835 and acquired Government land for farming in Arenzville. In Germany they had been into brewery and farming.

              Johann and Johanna's son Johann II's daughter Johanna "Christina" married Carl Krobe in the First Evangelical Lutheran Church of Beardstown, Cass County, IL not long after. The year was 1835. This was the same year Johann her grandfather passed away. The area of their settlement became known as the Jockisch Settlement and sometime along the line the Jockisch Cemetery was established.

            In the year 1845 the Mormon war occurred causing the State forces commanded by Brigadier-General John J. Hardin to come and coerce the people into obedience of the State laws. Thus those first years of settlement were not always peaceful and easy.

            Johanna died in 1846 giving her some more time to enjoy her children and grandchildren.

Children of Johann G. Jockisch and Johanna Richter Jockisch

1. Johann Gottlieb Jockisch II (April 10,1793 Saxc -)

    a. Johanna Christina (May 10,1814- April 10,1889) m. August Krobe

2. . Jockisch, Carl (Charles) Gottlieb (June 20, 1796 Oppach, Lobau-Zittau, Sachsen, Germany - Oct. 9, 1851 Arenzville, Cass, IL.) m May 1815 in Germany Jacob, or (Jakob) Maria Elizabeth  (October 24, 1794 Wurbis, Bautzen, Sachsen, Germany - January 24, 1835 St. Louis, MO of Cholera). 2nd m May 29, 1836 in Beardstown IL  Elsner, Christina((October 23, 1811-)

May 29, 1836 - Gottlieb JOCKISCH and Christina ELSNER - groom from Oppuch by Byern, Kingdom of Saxony, a widower, bride from Huffnersdorf by Zitten, Kingdom of Saxony. First Evangelical Lutheran Church of Beardstown Weddings

Halbendorfer See

JOCKISCH CHRISTINA    FD  NWSE          08   17N  11W  3    40.00  000.00  WARRANT   FEMALE  11/06/1854 UNKNOWN [Christina obtained a warrant for 40 acres in township 8.Her residence is listed as unknown.]

[There are so many Christina's, I am not sure if this one belongs here.]

3. Jockisch, Rahele  (1801 in Germany- in Germany) married Seiler .

4. Jockisch, Fridrika  (September 10,1804 Oppach, Lobau-Zittau, Sachsen, Germany-)

5. Jockisch, Lady Christiana   (October 23,1811 Görlitz, Gorlitz, Sachsen, Germany-)



Jockisch, Carl & Maria (Jacob)  Biography

          Carl or Karl in order to support his wife Mary and children in  Saxony, Germany [Saxony is near the borders of Poland and the Czech Republic] first went in to the distillery business with his uncle, next he learned the cooper's and carpenter's trades and then became a farmer.

             In the year 1828 his family along with his parents and brother moved to America. Landing in New Orleans after an 8 week journey they spent a couple of years in Texas. During this time, I am sure they started picking some of the English language. Next, they traveled up the Mississippi to St Louis, Missouri. It was here where Maria soon after arriving gave birth to a child who died at 2 1/2 months of age. Maria followed the child in death 3 months later due to malaria on January 24,1835. The family left St Louis and by steamer went up the Missouri River to Beardstown arriving February 2, 1835.  Carl now had the responsibility of raising nine children alone. I am sure Johann and Johanna pitched in to help as did his brother.

            He settled in Arenzville Precinct Cass County farming government land and over time purchased 480 acres. The following year on May 29, 1836 in Beardstown, IL he married Eleanor Carls who had also come over from Germany. This union brought forth two more children.

            Gottlieb Jokisch along with 20 other men of County 29, Cass and 39 other men of a different location on August 7, 1837 signed the Poll Book at an election. The vote had to do with the county seat and division of the county. The new county would include Beardstown, Virginia and Richmond. Thus our great etc. grandfather Charles Gotlieb Jockisch had a vote in setting up a new county. I am including the following just because I find it interesting.

            The first census taken after Cass County was formed was in 1840 showed a total population of 2,981 growing to 7,253 in 1850; 11,325 in 1860 and 11,580 in 1870. A cholera epidemic went through Beardstown in 1849 claiming many lives. Carl passed away in 1850 leaving an estate worth over twenty-five thousand dollars. Each child received 40 acres as an inheritance.  

            Eleanor became a widow at the age of 39. She had the task of raising her two daughters ages 13 and 8 on her own. Two of her step-children William and Henry were probably living on the farm. However within ten years they had both left home and took spouses: William in 1855 and Henry in 1856.



      Jokisch, Karl Gotthelf   who was a son of Johann Gottlieb Jockisch and Johanna Richter Jockisch m: Marie Elizabeth Jacob in May, 1815, in the town of Halbendorf, in the German state of Sachsen. Halbendorf is near what are currently borders Germany shares with Poland and with the Czech Republic."

     The book: History of Illinois: Cass County reports that Karl Gotthelf Jockisch initially purchased 160 acres of land in what became Arenzville Precinct, then later an additional 320 acres.

      It appears that when he died, , his heirs each inherited 40 acres. Most of the Jockisch's stayed in Cass County,. mainly in the town of Beardstown, but Henry (Heinrich) Gottlieb and his wife Louisa Eckhardt did not; they went to Blue Mound County."


Book of the Hullers and their Related Families, 1909 with update added in 1943.

Biographical Review of Cass, Schuyler and Brown Counties, Illinois. (1892). Chicago: Biographical Review Publishing Co.

Perrin, W. H. (1882). History of Cass County, Illinois. Chicago: O. L. Baskin & Co. Historical Publishers.

Tolzamann, D. H. (2000). The German-American Experience. Amherst, NY: Humanity Books."

      "According to Biographical Review of Cass, Schuyler and Brown Counties, Karl Gottfelf Jockisch had been a farmer and distiller in Sachsen.

      The family may have left not only because German states were moving toward revolution, but also because of agrarian reforms in the context of shifts toward urbanization and socialism in Sachsen during the 1830s.

      The voyage across the Atlantic to New Orleans took about 8 weeks. At that time, German immigration through New Orleans was growing rapidly.

      The family then traveled up the Mississippi River to St. Louis, a city that was becoming a major distribution center for German immigrants to the Midwest, according to Tolzmann.

      The Jockisch family had not been in St. Louis long before their last child was born. He died two and a half months later; wife and mother Marie died three months after that. Karl Gotthelf and the family stayed in St. Louis a short time, then went on to Cass County, Illinois. There, Karl Gotthelf married his second wife, Christina Elsner; they had two daughters:"          

         Jokisch, Carl Jokisch was a native of Saxony, and after coming to America, settled on one hundred and sixty acres of land in what is now Arenzville Precinct, this county, and added to his original purchase till he had four hundred and eighty acres of good land.  

         He died in 1850, aged fifty-five years, leaving an estate worth over twenty-five thousand dollars. His wife, Elizabeth, who died in St. Louis, while on her way to this county, bore him nine children, of whom one died in Saxony [I guess they are not counting the child who was born and died in St Louis].  He had fifteen children: nine boys and six girls. 

      First Evangelical Lutheran Church of Beardstown Wedding Translated and submitted by William Talkemeyer, Arenzville, Illinois and printed in The Cass County Historian, December 1993 and March 1994.

            May 29, 1836 - Gottlieb JOCKISCH and Christina ELSNER - groom from Oppuch by Byern, Kingdom of Saxony, a widower, bride from Huffnersdorf by Zitten, Kingdom of  Saxony

Jockisch, Carl & Maria   Children

1. Jockisch, Carl Christian Gottlieb  (May 11, 1816 Germany-October 4, 1864 ILL) m         Scheidt, Margaret

2. Jokisch, Carl August (April 8, 1817 Halbendorf, Bautzen, Sachsen, Germany- December 31,1887) m September 26,1847 Lehman, Susan  also spelled Susanah (March 8,1826-December 24,1888) Parents: Lehman, John (August 24,1788 Pennsylvania- January 28,1854 Arenzville, IL) Catherine Barara (Everly)(October 24,1794 Adams Co, Pennsylvania) - August 12,1860 Warren Co., IL Holeman (Olive) Cemetery, warren, IL)

3. Jokisch, Johanna Christina  (December 27, 1818 Halbendorf, Lobau-Zittau, Sachsen, Germany- October 19,1850 Cass, IL)  m:       October 24, 1837 Kallenbach, Moritz Marriage Oct. 24, 1837 - Moritz KALLENBACH and Christina JOCKISCH - groom from Saxony, bride from Oppuch over Lausitz, Saxony. First Evangelical Lutheran Church of           Beardstown Weddings

4. Jokisch, Carl Friederich Gotthelf (February 22, 1820 Hanover, Germany- Abt. 1893) m Dec. 12, 1846 Elenora Marie Carls  (Nov. 2, 1824 Hanover, Germany- 1902 ILL)

5. Jokisch, Carl Traugott (January 4, 1822 Halbendorf, Lobau-Zittau, Sachsen, Germany - January 16,1899 in Cass Co., IL) m  March 27, 1850 Beardstown, IL Maria Elenora Carls (Aug. 28, 1834 Hanover, Germany- Aft. 1915 in Cass Co.,          IL)Parents: Carls, John F. and Elizabeth

6. Jokisch, Fredericka Elenora (March 19, 1823 Halbendorf, Lobau-Zittau, Sachsen,    Germany- September 1834 in Germany, aged 11, shortly before the family emigrated to America)

7.  Jokisch, Traugott Ernst Jokisch ( February 6, 1825 in Germany) m: Ziegemier or Deiglemeier, Margaret

8. Jokisch, Ellenora Carolina (November 16, 1826 in Germany-February 17, 1850 Cass,           IL) m:  March 4,1849 Naumann, Philipp   (February 6,1827 Bindsachsen, Kreis Buedingen, Germany-May 1,1920 Quincy, IL) (Apparently Carolina was his first wife). He was also married: November 19,1850 Lehman, Maria Katharina "Lehman, Maria Katharina" (October 10,1832 Wayne, OH -February 27,1863 Decatur, Macon, IL); then on October 18,1863 to Frederick, Melvina January 13,1835 Fairfield, OH-February; 7, 1909 Quincy, IL)

9. Jokisch, Carl Wilhelm (William) (March 1, 1829 Germany-October 19,1905) m Nov.1,1855 Rohn, Elizabeth. [death date for Carl from  Matt Washburn

10. Jokisch, Heinrich Gottlieb(October 25, 1832 Germany-) m Eckhardt, Louise

11. Jokisch, Carl Leberecht (January 2, 1835 at Sea, on the way to America- March 22, 1835 in Beardstown, IL).

Children of Jokisch, Carl and Christina Elsner

Christina Elsner (October 23,1811-July 28,1868)

First Evangelical Lutheran Church of Beardstown Weddings

"May 29, 1836 - Gottlieb JOCKISCH and Christina ELSNER - groom from Oppuch by Byern, Kingdom of Saxony, a widower, bride from Huffnersdorf by Zitten, Kingdom of Saxony."

 12  Jokisch, Louisa (March 13, 1837 Cass Co., IL- July 26,1877 Cass, IL) m: March 13,1856 Hackman, John Henry  . (1824-1874) Father: Hackman, John E. immigrated with his sons to Cass county from Germany.

13. Jokisch, Maria Paulina  (November 17, 1842-)m Nickel, Charles

1.  Jockisch, Carl Christian Gottlieb "Charles" (Mar 11,1816- Oct 4,1864 age 48 y 6 m 23 days)    Margaret (Sheidt) (Aug 4,1830- September 1,1900 Rising City, Nebraska)  

Short Biography

The first recording we are able to locate is the sale of land in Cass county to Charles (age 38) on November 17,1854. He paid a total of $72.63 for 58.10 acres at a price of $1.25 per acre in township 31. Since he had inherited 40 acres from his father, unless he sold it to purchase this, he now owned 98.10 acres.

The rest of the information is taken from the US Census records. Some of the information written on these records is illegible. Another problem was the person writing down the information: spelling. Still another problem the person giving the information did not really know the answers. Like where exactly the parents were born.

The 1855 and 1860 census's listed each person individually and assigned a family or household number. For Charles and Margarete the number was 1822 in the year 1860. This presents a challenge to locate all family members with that number. I found 7: Charles 44, Margarete age 25, Julius Jockish age 3, Theodore Jockisch age 5, Henry Jockish age 8, Arwil Jockish age 10 and a man named Rudolph Jockisch who was 35. Unfortunately, Rudolph's relationship to Charles is a mystery. We know he was not a brother.

             Charles died in 1864 according to the Jockisch Cemetery records, making it necessary for some of his children to move and obtain an income for themselves and possibly help out their mother and siblings.

              The 1870 census showed Margaret a widow and some of the sons hired out as farm laborers. Julius age 12 was working for Kalum Bach M. As was Theodore Jokish at age 15 for another farmer named Kalum (can't read  the next name) and Henry Jokish age 19 living with his Uncle Henry and Aunt Louisa working as a farm Laborer.

              The next census located with 1880 shows they had moved from Beardstown but stayed in Cass County. Here Margaret is listed as a widow at the young age of 49. Three of her children - F J age 21, Charles 18 and Mollie 12 were living with her. Charles and Margaret's oldest child Amos was married to Susan, and had four children. The oldest being 4 years and farming his own land with a hired helper. Henry A Jockisch is not listed as living with Henry and Louisa.

            The 1890 census Theodore Jockish had moved to Alabama and married Paralee.

                Twenty years later in 1900 Margaret's household was filled with her relations. Charles her son is listed as head of the household. Residing with them were four grandchildren of Margaret: Comelia, William, Maggie Winklehake, and Alma Winklehake. Also listed were her son's Louise, Henry and finally Frank Bedembender. Soon after the census she moved to Rising City, Nebraska. This same year Margaret passed away at the age of 70. Her body was taken back to IL and buried in the Jockisch Cemetery near Bluff Springs, IL.

            Charles and Margaret are credited with the following children: Emil Amos T, Arwil, Henry A, Theodore William, Julius Franklin, Charles, , Israel Albert and Amilie Touby. My information has Amilie born four years after the death of her father. Records show Margaret as the mother but the father is not listed except he was born in Germany. We know from the census they had a child named Mollie mentioned in 1880 census as being 12 years old that would put the birth around 1868 as shown below by the records from the Jockisch Cemetery in IL listed below.  


            1930 Census Henry A Jokisch is now age 73 and his wife Mary E. age 73 are living alone. Theodore W Jockisch and his wife Parlee have a white servant.



JOCKISCH CHARLES      FD  N2LOT2NWFR    31   18N  11W  3    58.10    1.25     72.63  MALE    11/17/1854  CASS

1860 Beardstown, Cass, IL Census for Charles J. Jockish age 44 est. birth yr 1816 Saxony. Family number 1822. p. 2541860 Beardstown, Cass, IL Census for Margaret Jockish age 25 birth yr. 1835 Bavaria. Family number 1822 page 254.1860 Beardstown, Cass, IL Census for Rudolph Jockish age 35 birth year 1825 Bavaria Family number 1822 page 254.

Census 1860: 1822 - JOCKISH - Charles J. - 44 - m - w - farmer - 12600/3000 - Saxony
Margaret - 25 - f - w - Bavaria
Anvil - 10 - m - w - IL - 12
Henry - 8 - m - w - IL - 12
Theodore - 5 - m - w - IL - 12
Julius - 3 - m - w - IL
Rudolph - 35 - m - w - Bavaria

1880 Township 18 N Range 11 w., Cass, IL for Margaret Jockish age 49 birthplaces Germany. Widowed. Living with her in the house: F. J. Jockisch born 1859 age 21 born in IL., Charles age 18 born 1862 in IL  and Mollie 12 born on 1868 in IL.

1900 Bluff Springs & Monroe Precincts, Cass IL  Census for Margaret Jokisch born August 1830 Germany widowed living with her son Charles Jokisch born September 1866 IL. Other house hold members: Louise Jokisch born March 1859 IL sister to Charles single. Henry a brother born March 1871 IL, Comelia born May 1892 a niece to Charles, William a nephew to Charles born March 1898,  Niece Maggie Winkelhake born Oct 1883, Niece Alma Winkelhake born October 1889 IL. Finally, Frank Bedembender born April 1875 IL.  Margaret died soon after the census was taken at the age of 70.

   JOCKISCH, Margaretha (Scheidt) "Jockisch, Margaretha (Scheidt)"  - Beardstown Illinoisan Star, Tuesday September 4, 1900 Submitted by Ernie Launer

            Funeral of Mrs. Jockisch. The remains of Mrs. Charles Jockisch, who died at her home in Rising City, Neb., Friday, were brought here this noon. Services were held at her late home Sunday, and short services will be held at the Jokisch cemetery near Bluff Springs this afternoon where she will be interred. Rev. Temple, of Arenzville, will conduct the services. The deceased was a former resident of this county and has a number of relatives here.   

Records from the IL  Jockisch Cemetery

JOCKISCH, Charles Christian Gottlieb - 11 Mar 1816-4 Oct 1864 - 48y-6m-23d - Father

 Margaretha - 13 Aug 1831-1 Sep 1900 - His Wife - Mother

 Israel Albert - 10 May 1863-14 Oct 1864

 Amalie Touby - 12 Jun 1868 - 9 May 1881  [This must be Mollie]


2. Jockisch, August (April 8, 1817  Saxony, Germany - January 3 1888 Beardstown IL age 71) m: 1847 Lahman, Susannah (March 8, 1826 - December 24, 1888)   Parents: Lehmann, John Sr. and Everly, Catherine Barbara

Short Biography

Eleven year old August came to America with his siblings, parents and grandparent. He is stated as having his residence in the Jockisch settlement and like his father became a farmer. August at the age of 30 was married to Susan Lahman who was born in Pennsylvania.

    August  being industrial and frugal developed the agricultural resources of his farm land. By 1860 he and his wife are listed as having four children. The two eldest daughters being twins. WELCOME TO PARENTING!

    Twenty years later 1880 they had six children living at home ranging in ages 20 to 3 years. Also living with them was a nephew name George Jockisch age born in 1877. He did not live to see the next census passing away at the age of 71 in 1887. Susannah lived more year dying of paralysis. They were both buried in the Jockisch Cemetery.

    They had at least 10 children, seven of which were alive at the time Susannah passed



1860 Beardstown, Cass, IL Census for August Jockish age 43 estimated birth yr 1817 Saxony. Family number 1830. p. 255 1860 Beardstown, Cass, IL Census for Susan Jockish age 34 estimated birth yr 1826 Saxony. Family number 1830 p. 255

1860 Census: 1830 - JOCKISH - August - 43 - m - w - 3000/850 - Saxony
Susan - 34 - f - w - Saxony
Mary - 9 - f - w - IL - 12
Margaret - 5 - f - w - IL - 12
Sophia - 3 - f - w - IL
Christian - 6/12 - m - w - IL

1880 Township 17 N Range 11 W. Cass, IL Census  for August Jokisch age 63 born in Germany 1817 married Susanah born in Pennsylvania. His parents born in Germany. He is a Farmer. In the house hold are: Susannah age 52, Christian H age 20, Walter A. 18, Sarah A 16, Julian M. 14, Jacob W 11 and a child George F Rohn age 3. George is a nephew born in 1877 IL.


Jockisch, August- Beardstown Illinoisan -3 January 1888 - Submitted by Ernie Launer.

August Jockisch, in the seventy-first year of his age died, Saturday, December 31st, 1887, at his residence in the Jockisch settlement, of general debility.

He was born April 8, 1817 in Saxony, Germany. The son of Carl Charles Gotthelf Jockisch and Jacob, Marie Elizabeth and immigrated to this country in 1828, living eight years in Texas. He came to this county in 1836. September 26, 1847, in Cass County, Illinois, Karl married Susannah Lehmann, who was born March 8, 1826, daughter of John Lehmann Sr. and Catherine Barbara Everly who survives him.

        He was a type of the industrial, frugal German, who has done so much to develop the agricultural resources of this country. The funeral services took place yesterday afternoon. Interment at the Jockisch grave yard.

    In 1850, August, age 33, and Susannah, age 22, were living in Cass County, Illinois. They were living next door to other Jockisch families, probably siblings of August. Karl and Susannah had 10 known children: William Moritz, Mary Catherine born April 18, 1851; John Phillip born June 1853; Martha Ellenore born October 18, 1854; Sophia Amelia born November 22, 1857; Christian H. born circa 1858; Walter A. born circa 1862; Sarah Augusta born April 13, 1864; Julia Melverina born April 26, 1866; and Wesley Jacob born July 10, 1868.

      In 1880, Karl, age 63, a farmer, born in Saxony, Germany, was living in Cass County Illinois, with his wife, Susannah, age 52, born in Pennsylvania. Living with them were 5 children, all born in Illinois: Christian H., age 20; Walter A., age 18; Sarah A., age 16; Julia M., age 14; and Wesley Jacob, age 11

        He was a type of the industrial, frugal German, who has done so much to develop the agricultural resources of this country. Karl died on December 31, 1887 and was buried in the Jockisch Cemetery in Bluff Springs, Illinois (Cass County). ttp://

JOCKISCH Susannah -Beardstown Illinoisan 28 December 1888 - Submitted by Ernie Launer

      Died Monday, December 24, 1888, of paralysis, in Jockisch settlement, Susannah Jockisch. The deceased was born in Pennsylvania, March 26, 1826. She leaves seven   children, three sons and four daughters, all arrived at maturity. The funeral took place on Christmas day. the remains being interred in the graveyard of the German church in the Jockisch Settlement. Her husband preceded her to the grave about one year. Susannah (1826- December 24, 1888) was buried beside her husband.



3. Kallenbach, Johanna Christina (Jockisch) (December 27, 1818-October 19,1850/51)   m: October 24, 1837  Cass Co., IL  Kallenbach, Moritz or Morris


Short Biography


               Johanna born in 1818 was 10 years old and surrounded by brothers. Her other sisters did not arrive until her father remarried. I am sure she was given some of the responsibilities of caring for the younger children. Around 17 -18 years old she became the head woman of her home. How she responded to her father's new wife is hard to tell. One would think it would take some of the burden off of her. However she married at the age of 19 .

                Her first child was born when she was around 25. She and her husband were blessed with four sons. Unfortunately, she died around the age of 33 making neither it so she could not see her children grow nor her future grandchildren. Her husband Moritz or Morris was left with their raising.

First Evangelical Lutheran Church of Beardstown Weddings Oct. 24, 1837 - Moritz KALLENBACH and Christina JOCKISCH - groom from Saxony, bride from Oppuch over Lausitz, Saxony.

               The 1880 and 1900 census shows us her youngest son Louis stayed in Illinois as did his children.


  Jockisch Carl Friederich Gotthlef
(February 27, 1819 Saxony, Germany - March, 1874 age 54 )m: November 1, 1846 Elenora Marie Carls (1824 Hanover, Germany- April 1902 age 78).

Short Biography

            Nine year old Carl accompanied his parents to America and became known as Charles. He was described as industrious as a boy. By saving and hard work he was able to purchase a small farm increasing it to 350 acres located in the valley of the Illinois river. In man hood he was quiet, worked on his farm and voted Republican.

            Charles met a young German girl named Elenora Carls having come from Hanover, Germany with her father in 1843. They fell in love and were married when he was 27 . Her mother had died in Germany. They were married probably in the Methodist Episcopal Church where they were lifelong members.

            Ten children were born to them. The youngest Henry after the death of his father returned home and manage the farm. Harry J. attended Wesleyan University of Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, and the Illinois State Normal School and taught in the schools of Beardstown.  By the time his mother passed he was Superintendent of the school district.

            Elenora or Elenore was 50 years old when her husband died. Many of her children were still at home. Elenore's eldest child Mary became very ill and passed away just after her mother. Their funerals were joined.

            The children stayed close by and started their own farms. Their spouses and children all attended the  German Methodist Episcopal Church.


1860 Beardstown, Cass, IL Census for (Illegible) Jockisch age 40 estimated birth yr 1820 Saxony Family number 1844 p.257

1860 Beardstown, Cass, IL Census for Ellen Jockisch age 36  estimated birth yr 1824 Hanover family number 1844 p257

Illinois, Deaths and Stillbirths, 1916-1947 for Marie Eleanora Jokisch

Death date February 2,1918 Bluffsprings, Cass, IL age 83. Birthday August  28,1834 Germany. Father Henry Carls. Parent's birth place Germany. Occupation: at home. Burial date Feb. 5, 1918.

BIOGRAPHICAL REVIEW OF CASS, SCHUYLER and BROWN COUNTIES, Illinois - 1892 Chicago: Biographical Review Publishing Co. Page 141

JOKISCH, CHARLES GOTTHELF "Jokisch, Charles Gotthelf" , an old settler and farmer of Cass County, now deceased, was born in Saxony, Germany, February 27, 1819. He was one of nine children. His grandfather, believing that opportunities for young men were better in the United States than in Germany, urged his two sons and their families to immigrate to this country. This they did early in the thirties, and began farming in Cass County on Government land. The father of Gotthelf near fifty died in what is now Bluff Springs precinct. He had accumulated a fine property and left an estate valued at twenty-five thousand dollars. His aged father also died here. (For a fuller history of family see biography of William Jockisch.)

                Charles Gotthelf grew up an industrious boy, and was ever afterward identified with the best interests of the county, but unfortunately died before he was very old. In spite of his early death he left an estate that was very valuable. His death occurred in March, 1874, in the fifty-fourth year of his age.

                  By industry and economy he first was able to buy a small farm, and from time to time increased it until he owned a property of 350 acres, most of it in a high state of cultivation. He was a quiet, good man, gave his entire time to his business, never engaged in politics, except to vote the Republican ticket.

                He was married here to Carls, Elenora "Carls, Elinore" , of Hanover, Germany, November 1, 1846. Her mother had died in Germany, and she came to this country with her father and other members of the family in 1843, and has since lived in the borders of Cass County. Mrs. Jokisch is the youngest of the family now living. She has two brothers, George and Henry, both of this county. She is a well preserved lady and very intelligent. She and her husband were lifelong members of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

                She is the mother of ten children: Theophilus, Otto, George and Matilda (Loomis) are deceased; those living are: Maurice W., a farmer living in Virginia; Mary E., a noble character, living at home; Philip J., a very successful farmer of this township; Edward F., a successful farmer in Virginia; Harry J., now running the homestead, is a well educated farmer. He attended the high school of Virginia, and also the Wesleyan University of Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, and the Illinois State Normal School. He taught recently in the schools of Beardstown. He is industrious and knows how to put his education to good use. He clings to the same political faith as did his father, and bids fair to do that parent honor.

Illinois:  History of Cass County, Illinois, ed. William Henry Perrin.  O. L. Baskin & Co. Historical Publishers, Chicago, 1882.  Cass County

JOKISCH, GOTTHALF deceased, was born in Saxony, Feb. 22, 1820; son of Charles G. and Mary E (Jacob) Jokisch, natives of Saxony, and parents of fifteen children, nine

boys and six girls. Jokisch, Charles G., born June 20, 1796, was a farmer and distiller, and died in this county Oct. 9, 1851; his wife, born in 1794, died Jan. 24, 1835, in St. Louis, Mo., while on the way to this county. Gotthalf was always a farmer.  In this county, Dec. 12, 1846, he married Carls, Eleanor XE "Carls, Eleanor" , a native of Hanover, Germany, born Nov. 2, 1824, who bore him ten children:

                                Mary, Maurice, Phillip, Matilda, Amelia, Edward, Harry, Theophilus (deceased), George (deceased), and Otto (deceased).  Mr. Jokisch was a member of the M.E. Church; he was a Republican.

Jokisch Jacob Carls =Germany MO


JOKISCH, Gotthalf was always a farmer.  In this county, he married Eleanor Carls, a native of Hanover, Germany bore him ten children, Mr. Jokisch was a member of the M.E. Church; he was a Republican.

JOKISCH, Elinore X Illinoisan Star Friday April 11, 1902 - Submitted by Ernie Launer

Mrs. Elinore Jokisch Dead

Deceased Was the Mother of Supt. H. J. Jokisch of this City
Mrs. Elinore Jokisch, widow of Gotthelf Jokisch, died at her home near Bluff Springs this morning of senility. She was born in Hanover, Germany in 1824 and came to this country in 1843, three years later being united in marriage to Charles Gotthelf Jokisch, who died in 1874.

                  She was a lifelong member and a faithful worker in the Methodist church. Six children are left to survive her, namely: Maurice, of Virginia: Mary E., Bluff Springs; Philip J., Mrs. Amelia Hackman, Edward F., Virginia; and Supt. H. J. Jokisch, of this city. The funeral services will be held at the German M. E. church, Jokisch settlement Sunday, April 13th at 2 o'clock p. m. Interment at Jokisch cemetery.
                Since the above was put in type, word has been received announcing the fact that Miss Mary Jokisch died at the family residence at 1 o'clock today after a lingering illness. The funeral service of the daughter will be held at the same time and place as that of the mother. She was 54 years of age.
At The Tomb
Sunday, at the old homestead, occurred the double funeral of Mrs. Elinore and daughter, Jokisch, Mary E. "Jokisch, Mary E.."  The services were conducted by Rev. J. A. Burchit, of Virginia, One of the largest funeral corteges ever witnessed followed the remains to their last resting place, the family burying ground situated on the hill near the German M. E. church, of which denomination they were faithful members. The floral tributes were beautiful and profuse.


5. Jokisch, Carl "Charles" Traugott (Jan. 4, 1822 Saxony, Germany - January 16, 1899 age 77)m: March 27, 1850 Beardstown, IL  Mary Ellen (Carls)  


Short Biography


            Like his brother Carl Traugott was called Charles. He was 6 years old when his parents and grandparents migrated to the USA. By the time they settled in Illinois he was 13 years old and helping out with the farm chores.

               As time passed he married in 1850 Mary Carl and purchased his own farm near Bluff Springs, in the Illinois river valley. Besides farming he raised stock of sections twenty-eight and twenty nine, township eighteen, range eleven west.

               Mary Carl came with her parents from Germany to Cass County in  1845. Her father died of an accident at the age of 38 and her mother died in 1848 of cholera.

              Charles became a Road Supervisor and School Director in 1878, and School Trustee. Like many in his family he was a member of the German Methodist Episcopal Church. His political party was Republican.

               Charles and Mary had twelve children: nine boys and six girls. Louis H. a teacher, Phillipena, Edward B., Albert W., George F., Mrs. Charles Wilson [Emma], Mrs. Elizabeth Hageman, John Wesley and Richard R., Mrs. Chas. Jones [Ottillia (Tillie)], Ida E. and Cornelia P.

                  January 16,1899 Charles died from injuries caused by being gored by the horn of a vicious animal at the age of 77. Mrs. Trangott - Mary died at the age of 83. Louis and his sister Cora maintained the family home for a number of years following the mother's death


Jokisch, Traugott - Beardstown Illinois Democrat Newspaper, March 22, 1877
Traugott Jockish of this county, died as a result of an accident due to a spirited horse.

                Jockisch, CHARLES T XE "Jockisch, CHARLES T. A good farmer and stock raiser; P. O. Bluff Springs; is a native of Saxony. Charles T. received a fair education, having attended school in Saxony six years. He engaged in the brewery business with his uncle for some time, afterward learned the cooper's and carpenter's trades, and finally became a farmer. In, this county, from this union twelve children. [ The above has to be his father!]

                Mr. Jokisch is a Republican; was Road Supervisor and School Director in 1878, and is at present School Trustee; he is a member of the German Methodist Church.

                           CHARLES T  . farmer; P. O. Bluff Springs; is a native of Saxony; born Jan. 4, 1822; son of Charles G. and Mary E. (Jacob) Jokisch, also natives of Saxony. Jokisch, Charles G., who was a farmer and distiller, was born June 20, 1796, and died in this county, Oct. 9, 1851; his wife, born in 1794, died in St. Louis, Mo., while on the way to this county, Jan. 24, 1835; they had fifteen children-nine boys and six girls. Charles T. received a fair education, having attended school in Saxony six years. He engaged in the brewery business with his uncle for some time, afterward learned the cooper's and carpenter's trades, and finally became a farmer.

                In Beardstown, this county, March 27, 1850, he married Mary E. Carls, a native of Hanover, Germany; born Aug. 28, 1834; daughter of John F. and Elizabeth Carls; from this union twelve children have been born: Louis, Phillipena, Edward B., Albert W., George F., Emma, Elizabeth, John Wesley (died March 23, 1870, aged 3 years and one month), Ida E., Richard R., Cornelia P. and Otillia.  Mr. Jokisch is a Republican; was Road Supervisor andSchool Director in 1878, and is at present School

Trustee; he is a member of the German Methodist Church.

Jokisch Jacob Carls

Germany MO

BIOGRAPHICAL REVIEW OF CASS, SCHUYLER and BROWN COUNTIES, Illinois - 1892  Chicago: Biographical Review Publishing Co. Page 145

                CARL TRAUGOTT JOKISCH, a good farmer and stock raiser of sections twenty-eight and twenty nine, township eighteen, range eleven west, was born in Germany near Bautzen, January 4, 1822. He is the fifth of his father's children and the oldest one now living. He was thirteen years of age when his parents left Germany for the United States in the fall of 1834, coming on a sailing vessel and landing in New Orleans, January 1, 1835. They came up the Mississippi and Illinois rivers to Beardstown, landing February 2, 1835, and have as a family since been identified with the history of the county. The mother died in the latter part of January, 1835, at St. Louis, while the family were on the way. She was only forty two years of age. She was always a member of the German Lutheran Church, as was her husband who survived her.

                Traugott has always been a farmer in the county to which he came so many years ago. He was raised by an uncle, C. G. Jokisch, now deceased, the father having died in 1851. The father had obtained new lands in this county and here spent the remaining years of his life. (See William Jokisch, this book.)

                The farm of our subject has a beautiful location near Bluff Springs, in the Illinois river valley, where he owns a fine and well improved farm of 235 acres, with substantial farm buildings.

                He was married, in this county to Mary Ellen Carls, born in Hanover in 1834. She came with her parents to the United States and Cass county in 1845 and has since lived here, being a true helpmate to a good husband. She is an honest, good woman. She was the daughter of John Frederick and Elizabeth Carls, natives of Hanover, who came with their family to this country, but misfortune overtook them. Early after landing the father was killed by an accident while building a house for his family in Beardstown. A piece of timber fell on him and caused his death. He was then in the prime of life, being then about thirty-eight. He was a very skillful cabinet maker, a good citizen and devoted Christian for many years. His wife survived him for four years and then died, in Beardstown, in 1849, of the cholera, which was epidemic at that time. She was a Christian woman.

                Mrs. Jokisch has one sister and two brothers. The sister, a widow, is Mrs. Elizabeth Kuhl, living in Pekin, Illinois; Henry is a farmer in Montana; and John F. is a farmer in Cass county, Illinois. They are both married.

                Mr. and Mrs. Jokisch and family are members of the Methodist Church, and are very good, moral, upright people. Mr. Jokisch is a Republican in politics. Mr. and Mrs. Jokisch are the parents of twelve children, four of whom are deceased: John W. died an infant; Edward, married, left a wife and one child; Philipena died at the age of thirty-six, leaving two children; Ida died in Montana when twenty years of age. The living ones are: Louis, a teacher for more than twenty years in central Illinois, and is single; Emme, wife of Charles Wilson, farmer and fruit grower of Virginia; Elizabeth, wife of Adam Hegeman, farmer in this county; Albert W., living near the homestead, farming; George F., living in the east end of the county on a farm; Richard, at home, helping on the farm; Cora and Tillie are also at home.

              Jokisch, Carl Traugott XE "Jokisch, Carl Traugott"  - The Beardstown Enterprise, Tuesday January 17, 1899 Submitted by Ernie Launer
Death of C. T. Jokisch
             Carl Traugott Jokisch, residing near Bluff Springs, passed away yesterday, having been gored some weeks since by the horn of a vicious animal, which was a deathly wound from the time.
               He was born in Germany, near Bautzen, January 4, 1822. In the fall of 1834, when thirteen years of age, he came with his parents to this country. The landed in this city in February, 1835, coming by the way of New Orleans, and up the river to St. Louis, where his mother took sick and died. He was the father of twelve children, several of whom have passed on before.

                    He was married in this county to Mary Ellen Carls who survives him. They were both members of the German M. E. church, living consistent with the principles of their profession.

JOKISCH, Marie Eleanora (Carls)  Marie Eleanora (Carls)"  - Virginia Republican Gazette Friday, February 8, 1918 - Submitted by Ernie Launer

           Mrs. Trangott Jokisch Dies at Her Home at Bluff Springs Saturday.
Mrs. Trangott Jokisch, mother of Mrs. Chas. Wilson, of this city, died Saturday night at the family home at Bluff Springs, at the age of 83 years, 5 months and 4 days.
         Marie Eleanora Carls was born at Wimmer, Germany, August 28, 1834. She, with her parents, immigrated to America in 1845, coming direct to Cass county. On March 27, 1850, she was married to Carl Trangott Jokisch, who died January 16, 1899. To their union twelve children were born, seven of whom survive. They are; Louis H., Albert W., George F. and Richard R. Jokisch. Mrs. Chas. Wilson, Mrs. Chas. Jones and Miss Cora Jones, all residing in this county. She also leaves twenty-seven grand children and eighteen great-grandchildren. She had long been a member of the German M. E. church near Bluff Springs.
       Funeral services were held at the Bluff Springs M. E. church at 11 o'clock Tuesday morning. Rev. Stokes of Bluff Springs and Rev. Wahl of Quincy, conducting the services. Interment was made in the Jokisch cemetery.

6. Jockisch, Fredericka  died in Germany


Traugott Ernst "Ernest" Jockisch Traugott Ernst \"Ernest\" Jockisch  (Feb. 6,1825 Saxony-Mar 4,1898) m: Ziegemier, Margaret" " (Aug 4,1830/1 Germany  -- January 9,1907)


            Ernest was 3 years old when he sailed with his parents and grandparents to America and ten when arriving in IL. He continued into farming as a profession. Ernest at the age of 27 purchased his first farm land. He added another 40 acres when he was 29 in 1854 at a price of $1.25 per acre. He eventually obtained 500 acres of first class land, 400 acres of which he highly improved and supplied with first class buildings.

            Ernest married Margaret Ziegemier born in Germany and they started their family. The first child arriving around 1842. They became proud parents of 7 children:  Mrs. Caroline Long,  Mrs. Minie Winkelhake, Louisa, William, Frank, Charles and Henry.

            Ernest passed away at the age of 73 in 1898. Margaret reached the age of 86 and died in 1907. 




JOCKISCH ERNEST       FD  NESW          17   17N  11W  3    40.00    1.25     50.00  MALE    12/04/1854  CASS [Ernest bout for $50.00 40 acres at $1.25 an acres in township 3 of Cass county.]

1860 Beardstown, Cass, IL Census for Ernest Jockish age 35 estimated birth yr 1825 Saxony. Number 1833 p. 256  1860 Beardstown, Cass, IL Census for Margaret Jockish age 30 estimated birth yr 1830, Hanover. Family Number 1833 p. 256

1860 Census: 1833 - JOCKISH - Ernest - 35 - m - w - farmer - 5000/1000 - Saxony
Margaret - 30 - f - w - Hanover
Carolin - 7 - f - w - IL
Minna - 4 - f - w - IL
Louisa - 1 - f - w - IL

1870 Illinois Census: Ernest age 45 born in Hanover, Germany 1825. Margaret is age 40 born in Hanover, Germany 1830. Children: Caroline 18, Minie 14,Louisa 12, William 9, Frank 6 and Charles 3 years. A John Hewnor  age 24 was living with them. He was born in Prussia. 

1880 Township 17 N., Range 11 W., Cass, IL Census for Earnest Jokisch age 55 born 1825 Germany spouse Margaret born in Germany. His parents born in Germany. He is a farmer. Living in the household are: Margaret age 49, Carrie C age 26, Mary w. age 23, Berta L age 21, William age 18, Oscar F. 15, Charles L. 13 and Henry A. 9. Also a William Richie age 23. William works on the Farm.

Jockisch, Ernest - Beardstown Enterprise, Beardstown, Illinois Saturday March 5, 1898  Death of Ernest Jockisch
            Died, at his home 3 miles south of Bluff Springs, Friday evening, March 4, 1898, at 5:30 o'clock. Mr. Ernest Jockisch, aged 73 years and 28 days. Deceased was born in Saxony, Germany, and came with his parents to this country when a mere boy. Some years afterward he was married to Margaret Deiglemeier, who was a native of Hanover, Germany. Of this union seven children were born; Wilhelmina, now deceased; Caroline, William A., Frank, Louisa, Charles and Henry. Deceased was a member of the Zion German M. E. church, at which place funeral services will occur Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock.

            1892 Chicago: Biographical Review Publishing Co. Page 623

Jockisch, Ernest, XE "Jockisch, Ernest" , a practical farmer and stock raiser of section 5 and 6, of township 17, range 11, on a fine and well improved property where he lives. Altogether he owns about 500 acres of first class land, 400 acres of which is highly improved and supplied with first class buildings. He has lived in the county since he was ten years of age and has owned land farming it for him since he was twenty seven. He has been very successful and is very proud of his efforts.

            He was born in Saxony, Germany, February 6, 1825, and came with his parents and grandparents to the United States. The family began life here as poor people did in those days, but they did not remain poor very long and are all rich at the present writing. They have done much to build up Cass county, where many of them yet live, and they are all progressive people. (See biography of William Jockisch.)

            Ernest was married in this county to Margaret Deiglemeier, born in Hanover, Germany, coming with her mother and brother to the United States when she was young. The family settled in Cass county. The head of the family had died in Germany before they started on their trip across the ocean. The widowed mother died soon after her arrival in this country.

            Mr. and Mrs. Jockisch are the parents of seven children: Wilhelmina, deceased after marriage and birth of three children, yet living. The living children are: Caroline, wife of Oscar Lane, farmer of Concord, Morgan county, Illinois; William A., a farmer, married to Tilda Carls; Frank, a farmer in Cass county, married Emma Hesler; Louisa, at home; Charles and Henry are at home and farm with their father. All are good hard working people. Mr. Jockisch, wife and children are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church, of which they are generous supporters. Mr. Jockisch and sons are all Republicans and Mr. Jockisch has held local offices. He is a genial man and kind hearted neighbor, and is highly respected by all.

                Mrs. Margaret Jockisch Dead. Submitted by Ernie Launer         Mrs. Margaret Jockisch died at her home in Jockisch settlement on Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at the age of 76 years, 5 months and 5 days. Her husband, Ernest Jockisch preceded her in death some few years ago.

            She was born in Hanover, Germany, and when quite young she came to this country with her mother and they settled in Cass county, where the mother died shortly afterward. The daughter was married some few years later to Ernest.

Jockisch, a prosperous farmer, who had also come to America from Germany.
            There are six children left to mourn her death, Mrs. Caroline Lane, William, Frank, Henry, Charles and Louisa.
            The funeral services will be held at the late residence, five miles south east of her, at 1 p. m. Friday and at the Jockisch church at 1:30. Interment in Jockisch cemetery.

  8.      Jokisch, Ellenora Carolina   & Naumann, Philipp

Sorry no information. She died to young.


  Jockisch, Carl Wilhelm
(March 1, 1829 Saxony, Germany-October 19,1905 age       76 y 7m 18d) farmer m: Nov.1,1855  Rohn, Elizabeth  (1839/40 IL-)

Short Biography

            Here we have a discrepancy. It says he was born in Saxony 1829 but  other information states they arrived in America 1828.  Another discrepancy is he refers to his father's name as Gotthalf, yet other places the father's name is Gottlieb. Maybe you the reader will be able to clarify this.  If the older children are correct, he was born in America probably Texas.

           William (for that is what he is called in the articles) was 21 when his father died. He continued farming his share of the inheritance until 1870. In 1854 he obtained a warrant for 40 acres in Township 8. With this he was now ready to marry his sweetheart Elizabeth Rohn in 1855 and start a family. He was able to increase his land holding to four hundred and eighty acres of good land. Later on the downsize to 240 acres.

            The census of 1860 list their first child Catharine E age 1. The family size grew to 7 by 1870 Census. They were even able to hire Charles Bartholdt age 17 to help with the farm. That same year he had moved to Sixth Street in Beardstown on which he built up a sizable residence and retired from farm work. All the children has left home by  the 1890 census.

            William became a stock holder and director of People's Bank in Beardstown at the time of its organization. Whereas for many of the residence in 1838 and 1839 the building of railroad was a financial burden, now over 21 year later for William it aided him greatly in making his fortune, as much of the land he owned was increased in value due to it.

            William is noted for the labor he put in to build up the city of Beardstown for nearly 35 years. During that time he was appointed public administrator of Cass County. William and his wife Elizabeth were members of the Methodist church where he held trusted and important role with that denomination.

               Altogether they had seven children: J. Victor, Mrs. Elizabeth Brines, Annie,

Mrs. Rosa Henning and Rudie. William passed away after being married for nearly 50 years at the age of 76 . Elizabeth was now a widow living alone until her death over the age  80.

               Their son John Victor went into the dry good business first as a partner with Phil Kuhl called the Phil Kuhl and Jockisch dry Goods for 41 years. After Phil retired  John named the business. The Model". Also he was the director of the First National Bank of Beardstown for thirty years. One of their daughters married a doctor. Their grandson Rudolph son of Rudolph ( Rudie) moved to Bell, CA.




JOCKISCH WILLIAM      FD  SWSE          08   17N  11W  3    40.00  000.00  WARRANT   MALE    11/06/1854  UNKNOWN[William obtain a warrant for 40 acres in Township 8']                                                                                                                                           

1860 Beardstown, Cass, IL for William Jockisch age 31 estimated birth yr 1829 Saxony.

Family number 1826 page 255.1860 Beardstown, Cass, IL Census for Elizabeth Jockish age 21est birth year 1839, IL. Family number 1826, p. 255

1860 Census: 1826 - JOCKISH - William - 31 - m - w - farmer - 4000/1000 - Saxony
Elizabeth - 21 - f - w - IL
Cathorin E. - 1 - f - w - IL

1870 IL Census for William Jockisch age 40 born estimated 1830, Saxony married to Elizabeth age 30 born 1840 IL. Children: Catharine 11, John 9, Rosina 6, Augusta 3, and Rose 1. Also living with them Charles Bartholdt age 17. He was White and born in 1853, IL.

1880 Beardstown, Cass, IL Census for William Jockisch age 51 born 1829 in Saxony, Germany. Farmer. Married to Elizabeth age 41 born in IL. Her parents were born in Germany. Children: Lizzie Jockisch age 20, Victor age 18, Ada age 16, Anna age 13, Rosa Age 11 and Rudolph age 4.

1900 Beardstown, Cass, IL Census for Wm Jockisch birth date March 1829 Germany spouse Elizabeth birthplace IL. His parent's birthplace Germany. They have been married 45 years. Estimated marriage year 1855. Immigration year 1834. Elizabeth birth date March 1839 IL. Parents birthplace Germany. Number of children 7. number of living 4. They are the only two in the Household.

1910 Beardstown ward 2, Cass, IL Census for Elizabeth Jockisch born in IL widowed living alone. Parents born in Germany

1920 Beardstown Precinct City Third, Cass, IL Census for Elizabeth Jockisch age 80 estimated birth year 1840 IL widowed. She is living alone.

       Jockisch, WILLIAM, retired, Beardstown; was born in Saxony,

Germany, March 1, 1829, and in 1833 came with his parents to America, landing in New Orleans, La., after a voyage of eight weeks. received a fair English and German education, and after his father's death purchased a part of the homestead farm, on which he followed farming until 1870, when he built a substantial residence on Sixth street, Beardstown, where he has since lived, giving his family a good education. He still owns two hundred acres of land in Beardstown Precinct; he has been a stockholder and director of People's Bank, of Beardstown, since its organization.  Mr. Jockisch married Nov. 1, 1855, Elizabeth Rahn, a native of Beardstown.  They have had five children.

        WILLIAM Jockisch,   , Gotthalf Jockisch, our subject's father, as a native of Saxony, and after coming to America, settled on one hundred and sixty acres of land in what is now Arenzville Precinct, this county, and added to his original purchase till he had four hundred and eighty acres of good land.

           He died in 1850, aged fifty-five years, leaving an estate worth over twenty-five thousand dollars. His wife, Elizabeth, who died in St. Louis, while on her way to this county, bore him nine children, of whom one died in Saxony.  There are five sons living, William being the youngest but one. 

                               Our subject received a fair English and German education, and after his father's death purchased a part of the homestead farm, on which he followed farming until 1870, when he built a substantial residence on Sixth street, Beardstown, where he has since lived, giving his family a good education. He still owns two hundred acres of land in Beardstown Precinct; he has been a stockholder and director of People's Bank, of Beardstown, since its organization. Mr. Jockisch married Nov. 1, 1855, Elizabeth Rahn, a native of Beardstown. They have had five children, two sons and three daughters: Victor, Elizabeth, Annie, Rosa and Rudie.

                  Jockisch Rahn

            Jockisch, William   - Submitted by Ernie Launer
            William Jockisch Answers Summons Of The Grim Reaper
            Died Thursday Afternoon
                        Was for Many Years an Esteemed Citizen of This City and County. By the passing away of William Jockisch, who died at 4:30 o'clock, Thursday afternoon.          Cass County loses one of its most estimable citizens, one who had labored for the up building of this city for nearly 35 years. At the time of his death Mr. Jockisch was aged 76 years, 7 months and 18 days . The end was expected at any moment, as he had been slowly sinking during the last few days.
William Jockisch was born in Leipzig, Saxony, Germany in 1829. His parents, Carl G. and Eliza (Jacob) Jockisch, were born in Saxony. Mr. Jockisch, Sr. was a farmer and distiller for some years before he and his family embarked for the United States in 1834. They went to New Orleans and then worked their way up the Mississippi river to St. Louis and there the mother died at the birth of her tenth child. Mr. Jockisch was left with his small children to make the rest of the trip alone. He stopped in Cass County for some time and then married a second time to Christina Long of Germany. Mr. Jockisch died in this county and his wife followed him some ten years later. They were at first Lutherans and later Methodists.
            William Jockisch is the youngest but one of nine children that grew to maturity. He began farming at an early age and by his good management had amassed a small fortune which he enjoyed in retirement in his comfortable and pleasant home on the corner of Sixth and Edwards streets. He was an extensive land owner. The building of the railroad has aided him greatly in making his fortune, as much of the land he owned was increased by the building of the road.
Mr. Jockisch's early life was spent in farming but in later years of his life he lived in retirement from live work. He also was one promoter and director of the National Bank of this city. He was a Member of the Methodist church held trusted and important with that denomination. In 18? was appointed public administrator of Cass County.
He was united in marriage to Elizabeth Rohn of this city. To this union were born seven children, 3 of whom have gone before. Those surviving children are Mrs. J. T. Brines, of Pleasant View, J. V., who resides on the corner of 11th and Washington streets, Mrs. J. A. Henning who resides on the corner of 11th and State streets, and R. C. living of corner of 6th and Edwards streets. An aged wife is left also to loss of an ever faithful husband.
Funeral services will occur Sunday morning Oct. 22, at the late residence on the corner of 6th and Edwards streets at 10 o'clock conducted by Rev. M. G. Coleman, pastor of M.


10..  Jokisch, Heinrich (Henry) Gottlieb   (October 25, 1832 in the German state of       Sachsen (Saxony)- -May 29, 1898) m: June 13, 1856 Eckhardt, Louise           (September. 13, 1833 in Ilsdorf, Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany,-)  to Johannes and         Anna Rohn Eckhardt. Louise and her brother George immigrated to the U.S. in   1853.

                                                Short Biography by Christine Sleeter, PHD


                The following is by Sleeter  PHD, Christine   Professor Emerita at California State University Monterey Bay

        Henry Gottlieb Jockisch was born on October 25, 1832 in the German state of Sachsen (Saxony) to Karl Gotthelf Jockisch and Marie Elizabeth Jacob Jockisch.In 1834 the entire family immigrated to the U.S.; Henry was two years old at the time. They went to Beardstown in Cass County, Illinois. Beardstown is where Henry met and married my great-great grandmother, Louisa Eckhardt. Louisa had been born Sept. 13, 1833 in Ilsdorf, Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany, to Johannes and Anna Rohn Eckhardt. She and her brother George immigrated to the U.S. in 1853 (Other family members may have also immigrated, but I have not been able to track them). On June 13, 1856, Louisa married Henry Gottlieb Jockisch.

        At the time they were in their late teens, although Illinois was predominantly white, it had small but significant Black and mulatto population (5,540 in the 1850 census). Five young Black male laborers shared a residence in Beardstown, where they had moved to work. Three years previously, Illinois had adopted a new constitution included a provision, passed overwhelmingly as a separate measure by voters, that the state General Assembly act to prohibit the emigration of free African-Americans into the state and to bar slaveholders from bringing slaves to free them. Most whites in Illinois who opposed slavery favors deportation of free Blacks to the Caribbean or Liberia. In 1853, the state passed a law making it a crime for any Black person from another state to stay in Illinois more than 10 days. African Americans who lived in Illinois, especially in Chicago and in St. Clair County (to the south of Cass County) vigorously opposed this new law. Although the Jockisches may have given it little thought, "Black Codes" in Illinois directly linked race with the right to own property.

        In 1868, Henry G. and Louisa moved to Blue Mound township, selling the 40 acres of land in Beardstown Henry had inherited from his father to purchase land in Blue Mound. (There, one of the c’s dropped gradually out of the spelling of Jockisch, becoming Jokisch. For consistency, I have retained the original spelling here.) By 1874 the Jockisch's owned 160 acres on Blue Mound. On the bottom of the excerpt of the 1874 plat map of Blue Mound township to the right, you can see the location of the Jockisch farm. Louisa’s brother, George Eckhardt and his wife Sarah, also moved to Blue Mound township, owning a farm of 80 acres to the north of the Jockisch farm. On the plat map excerpt, you can also see Sleeter farmland and the German Methodist Episcopal Church. The dark rectangle near the top of the map is the town of Boody, and the diagonal line is the railroad. (A bit of the history of Boody appears on the Sleeter-Fahrenhorst page; William Henry Sleeter had died two years before the Jockisch's arrived in Boody, and Amelia Fahrenhorst Sleeter left shortly afterward.)

    Other members of the Jockisch family periodically came to Blue Mound township to work for a while, and one nephew (Henry A.) and his family moved there. Most of the Jockisch's, however, stayed in Cass County, where there is now a Jockisch Cemetery. There was apparently quite a bit of visiting of family members back and forth between Boody (Blue Mound township) and Beardstown, according to various articles in the local Decatur newspapers.

    The Jockisches became successful grain farmers; wheat was particularly profitable during and right after the Civil War. They were also active in Zion German Methodist Episcopal Church that William Henry Sleeter had helped to found. For example, Henry served as a Church trustee and member of the committee that planned the new church building. When the church was seeking donations for the new building in 1886, Henry Jockisch, described in the Decatur Saturday Herald as one of Boody’s “well-to-do farmers,” made a generous donation.

    Henry G. Jockisch died at home, at the age of 65 on May 29, 1898. His 160 acre estate was valued at $15,000. Henry left the property to Louisa "for life," and at her death, it was to be divided equally among the five children.

    Louisa moved in with daughters. Olivia had married George Henry Zimmerman of Boody; in 1900, Lousia was living with them and their family. In 1910, Louisa had moved into Decatur, where she was living on West Decatur Street with recently-widowed daughter Lydia Sleeter (my great-grandmother) and some of the Sleeter offspring. By then, other family members, including the Zimmermans, and Charles and Pauline Jockisch Sleeter, were also living on the same street. When Lydia relocated to Iowa to be with one of her daughters, Louisa moved in with her daughter Pauline and Charles W. Sleeter, where she stayed until she died in 1922 due to “complications of old age,” as it was put in her obituary. My grandmother Mamie Ross Sleeter spent her adolescence and early adulthood in this same neighborhood, and was friends with offspring of her generation. In a book in which she recorded gifts, she referred to Louise Jockisch as “Grandma Yokisch” (her spelling reflecting the German pronunciation.) I am struck by the close community that developed among these and other German families of Boody.

    Even though she moved away from Boody to Decatur following her husband’s death, Louisa remained active in the Zion German Methodist Episcopal Church. Henry B. and Louisa Jockisch were buried in the Zion cemetery; their headstone appears to the left.


11. Jockisch, Carl Leberecht died at birth

12.   Jockisch, Louisa    Jokisch, Louisa   (March 13, 1837 Cass Co., IL - 1877) m: Hackman, John Henry (1823-1874)


Short Biography

             Louisa was the daughter of Charles Jockisch and his second wife  Christina. Most of her older siblings by the time she was a teenager were married or out on their own. Her father died when she was only   Louisa's life was very short lived: only 40 years. Louisa and John had five children.

            Their son Julius was living with brother-in-law and sister Lydia according to the 1900 census.  Between 1900 and 1910 he m:  Mary Zurstadt.     Paulina married in 1877 Englebert Crammer,    at the age of 18. Lydia m: Stier, Henry   in 1887 at the age of 20. Frank the oldest married in 1891. John and Louisa youngest child only lived two years.


13.   Jockisch, Maria (Mary) Paulina    (November 17, 1842 IL-) m: Apr 4, 1866  Cass, IL  Nickel, Charles (Germany-)


Short Biography of Maria Jockisch


            Maria had 8 years with her father and was the youngest of the family. Maria was surrounded by those speaking German at home and at church. It was only at school she  hear English. Being young she probably picked up both languages fairly easily.

            She fell in love at the age of 24 with Charles Nickel who was born in Germany and came over with his parents.  They had  six children: Franklin, Christina, John, Mrs. Mary Robinson, Edward, Charles and Howard.



This linage is taken from:

 Elmer V. Nickel written Jockisch Genecology written in 1933,



  - 1915 Chicago: The S. J. Clarke Publishing Co.


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 Picture of Emil Jockisch by E.S. Carter, Photographer Beardstown, IL

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Picture of Mrs. Jockisch by  E.W. Sloan, Operator Beardstown, IL

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