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Egypt 2008 Egyptian writings prove

Our tour was with Associates for Biblical Research.

If you would like to go on this tour next year

-- 2009-- please go to or call Henry B. Smith Director of Outreach

ABR office 800-430-0008

The tour flew to and from on Egyptian Airlines (excellent) from Kennedy Airport N.Y.

March 15--March 25 2008

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Here we are at the Cairo Air Port. Our group in second and third row back. From there we flew to Luxor.

Flying to Luxor

A tram took us from the plane to the Luxor buildings. Below is where we spent 3 nights.

This is a beautiful resort on the Nile River

Our first day of tour taught us: the living in ancient times lived on the East side of the Nile since the sun rises in the

 East and the dead were on the West side due to the Sun setting in the West. They did not understand where the

sun disappeared to and figured life continued wherever the sun was. The next picture is separation bridge.

After crossing we saw shops and these huge statues: Colossal of Memnon posted at the entrance to the Valley of



ABR paid our way into the Habu Temple Also called Medinet Habo and Malkata: The Temple of Ramessess III. He

reigned during the 20th Dynasty for 31 yrs and 41 days and was the last of the great Pharaohs. Ramessess III may

have been the grandson of Ramessess II.At Rock-Chapel near Deir el-Medina was found writings dedicating it to

both his father and Ramessess III. The Mother of Ramessess III was Queen Tiy-Merenese. Ramessess II had

 numerous wives. Among them were Isis, Titi and Tiy. His son Ramessess IV, V and VI ruled after him but not as


Archeologist Gary explaining.

Inside wall

Ramessess II Memorial Temple displays a lot of battle scenes. The above Scenes are with the Sea People, He is

credited with destroying the Hittite empire, and the Sea People, The above wall is the longest hieroglyphic

inscription known.

Jerome Elizabeth with salesman.

Entering Medinet Habo ones looks at a very colorful ceiling.   This is the outer court. Going further back are

these large containers and statues.

Did you know there was a woman Pharaoh? Her name was Hatsheput and reigned in the 18th Dynasty during the New

kingdom. The reigned may be about 1503 to 1482 B.C. depending on the web site giving the information. She was the

daughter of Thutmose I and Queen Ahmose. Hatshepu married her half-brother Thutmose II. His son Thutmose III was

appointed heir to the throne. However, at the time of his death, his son was a baby so Hatsheput took control. This lasted for

 21 years. She dressed in a man's attire and learns to walk as a man. Below are pictures of her Mortuary Temple Deir-EL

Bahri and her statues.

We rode a tram to the entrance of her Morturary.



Leaving the Memorial Temples we proceeded to the tombs. For me seeing the actual face of a very young

King Tut was definitely a highlight.

We were not allowed to take pictures thus no picture. He was under glass with only head and feet exposed.

Going to the tombs required a ticket again paid for by ABR.



This is a post card picture of the entrance to King Tut

If I remember correctly his was fairly easy to enter. The other two or at least one was a challenge and left pains

the next day.

Once inside you had to bend down and keep

going down for a long, long, time. This is the tomb of Thutmes III . The next day my body told me I had worked

out some unused muscles.

Leaving the tombs and Paul, we passed the ruins where the Merneptah Stela was discovered.  This Pharaold

may be mentioned in the Bible. His full name was Binere-Meramun Merneptah-Hotphi(r)mae. Jeremiah 44.30 

Thus saith the LORD; Behold, I will give Pharaoh Hophra king of Egypt into the hand of his enemies, and

into the hand of them that seek his life; as I gave Zedekiah king of Judah into the hand of Nebuchadrezzar

king of Babylon, his enemy, and that sought his life. As usual there is dispute on if this Hophra is Merneptah Hotphi(r)mae. There is even a dispute when this person lived. Depending on the web site, he could have lived during the time of Judges, the Kings, or while the Israelites were in Babylon. So who was this Pharaoh? He reigned in the 19th dynasty and succeeded Rameses II. He may have come to the throne in 1212 B.C. The reason why The Merneptah Stela is important is due to it being the first concrete evidence the Israelites existed. It is on display at the Cairo Museum of History. No pictures allowed. Thus I have to use those taken by others.

The segment is at the bottom of the Stela. Interpretation: Israel is wasted and its seed is not; and Hurru is become a widow because of Egypt. Canaan is plundered. Ashkelon is carried off and Gezer is captured. Yenoanis made non-existence. (Source for interpretation ABR). &Flinders Petrie discovered Merneptah’s
mortuary temple in 1896.
With this completed the first full day of touring. Back to the Jolie Ville on the East side of the Nile.

. We ate outdoors barbequed chicken, beef and many other tantalizing foods. Several in our tour group swam, others explored, and still others listen to the resort's orchestra.

Today 3/17/08  we go to the Temple Complex of Amun at Karnak on the East side of the Nile. Luxor in ancient times was called Thebes and was the capital of Egypt.

We first entered into the Avenue of Sphinxes dating from Ramessess II. It leads up to the first Pylon* at the

western entrance of the precinct of Amun. This gigantic complex took over 1300 year to build.

The court opening behind this pylon contains a triple barque shrine of Seti II made of granite and sandstone,

&consisting of three contiguous chapels dedicated to Amun, Mut and Khonsue. In the center of the forecourt there

are remains of a colonnaded entrance of Taharqa, one of the columns of which has been re-erected. A small

temple or barque station, of Ramessess III faces into the forecourt from the south. This temple was a miniature

version of the mortuary temple at Medinet Habu."Theban kings and the god

Amun came to prominence at the beginning of the Middle Kingdom.

; Pharaoh Raamses II High walls of Hypostyle Hall 

This time I remembered to bring an umbrella. IT WAS HOT.

More evidence of the existence of the Israelites was found written on one of these many walls.    

The oldest section was the Akh-Menu of Tuthmosis III Festival Hall from the 18th Dynasty called Temple of a million

years or Hall of Annals.  It was here the Coptic - Christians- lived to protect themselves during the Roman Empire's

threats on their lives.

Ninth Pylon                

The water for the lake comes from the Nile Sacred Lake Southside of Temple.

Lake symbolizes waters of Primordial Ocean. Egyptian Priest would use the Lake to purify souls.


A pylon is a large sloping wall found at the entrance to temples. It consists of two massive towers built in a

trapezoid shape that flank the portal. At Karnak Temple, a series of pylons mark the entrance to numerous

temples that were added to this site by a succession of kings.

We saw this some place, but sure do not remember


The above picture is from ABR.

Oh, this is a group coming up from Canaan land -might be the Israelites- to Egypt. They have beards

like the Israelites. Remember Jacob and his family moved to Egypt during the draught. Joseph ,

Jacob's son, had risen to second in command thanks to our heavenly Father.

For a special treat we sailed on the Nile River. Wow!!! Who ever thought we would ever do that!.



They paddled and paddled up stream. While we relaxed

At least some of us did, two men pitched in helped.;


The next day, it was time to say good bye to our tour bus driver in Luxor Abdo. And fly back to Cairo.

Saying good-bye to Abdo, we went to Luxor Airport

At the Cairo Airport our young man

pushing all the luggage received help from Jerome and other men. Jerome is in the center with the cap.


Soon after landing we went to the oldest Coptic Church in Egypt and an ancient Synagogue next to it.


St Sergus Church.  The ceiling is designed as an upside down boat to remember Noah's ark.  

                  Alien and Chris

As one entered the Synagogue of Ezra you saw the Ten Commandments.


Its structure was like the old churches in Europe.

We stayed one night at the Intercontinental Pyramids Park Hotel


Pool Playground for the children 

   Where we slept.