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John Haldren Ross Linage

John Haldren Ross

B. PL. November 3,1887 Pike County


M. 1908 Jeanette Ceclia Glenn

DD April 19,1956 Ureic Poisoning

Bur. Long Beach, CA


                                                                           Robert Jennings Ross                                                             Sara Evaline Turner

                                                                           B. October 1,1854                                                                 B. June 8,1854

                                                                           DD March 16,1922                                                                  D. March 13,1929

                                                                           PL Kellyville, Oklahoma                                                         PL. Kellyville, Oklahoma


                                                                                                                   Kellyville Cemetery OKlahoma


                                                      James Ross                                  Esther Kennedy (Hetty)            William James Turner            Martha Angeline Chadwell

                                                                                                        B. July 18,1820  Ohio           

                                                M. September 12,1850                

                                                PL. Gurney, Ohio

                                                Religion: Methodist                                                                                                                                John Chadwell   

                                                D. October 26,1850                                                                                                                          M. Ruth Ellen Taylor         

buried in:



                                                                      JAMES AND ESTHER ROSS LINAGE


               Robert Ross                                Martha                        

               B. July 28,1781                      B. December 13,1785            Moses Washington Kennedy           

               M. ca. 1811                          

               D. February 22,1843               D. March 2,1843                     M. Esther W. Bunnell

              Pl. Tuscarawas Co. Ohio          PL. Tuscarawas Co. Ohio

                   Perry TWP

(Information from Lamar Ross)


                                        KENNEDY - BUNNELL-PLUMB LINAGE


                           Moses Washington Kennedy                                                    Esther W. Bunnell

Samuel Kennedy Jr.           Elizabeth Beavers                     Benjamin Bunnell          Catherine Barry (Barre)

B.1745   Scotland             B.1749                                       B. November 10,17--        B. November 26,1759

PL. sea or Scotland         PL. Hunterdon Co. NJ                  PL New Jersey                  PL. Hunterdon, NJ

M. October 8,1768           D. Hunterdon Co. N.J.                 ca 1777

D. July 1,1804                                                                       D. March 14,1814               D. September 5,1843

PL. Hunterdon Co. NJ                                                          PL. Monroe, PA                   PL. Wyoming, PA


                                      Robert  Beavers    & Elizabeth Armstrong


                                      PL. Germany

                                      M. 1742

                                      D. November 9,1774

                                     PL. Sussex County, NJ


                               John Beavers          another web site says Thomas Beavers B.1718 making the father 8 years old

                              B. 1695     Germany

                             1740 immigrated to America






Rev. Samuel Kennedy M.D.       Sarah Allen              Solomon Bunnell                 Mary Haldron

B. 1720                                   B.1723                        B.October 27,1705                 M. ca. 1737

PL. Culzean Castle, Scotland  PL. Scotland              PL. New Haven CT

D. August 31,1787                  D.1787                        D. 1779 

PL. New Jersey                                                         PL.Munroe Co, PA



                                                            Sergt. Benjamin Bunnell      Hannah Plumb   John Haldron  Cornelia Van Tienhoven

                                                             B. Nov. 29,1679               B. Apr. 15,1677     

                                                             PL. New Haven CT          PL. Milford, CT

                                                             M. ca. 1700                 

                                                             D. August 20,1749           D. November 16,1716

                                                             PL. New Milford,CT         PL. New Milford, CT


                   Benjamin Bunnell              Rebecca Mallory              Deacon John Plumb Elizabeth Norton                   Lucas Van Tienhoven          Tryntje Bording

                   B. ca. 1638                       B. March 18,1649/50          B. Aug. 12,1646        B. Ca. 1645

            1666                     Pl. New Haven, CT             Pl. Milford, CT          PL. Branford, CT

                   D. 1696                             D. Mar. 12,1691                  M. November 24,1668

                   P. New Haven, CT            P. New Haven, CT              D. March 1728            D. 1709 Farmington, CT        


William Bunnell      Ann Wilmot        Peter Mallory   Mary Preston    Robert Plumb Mary Baldwin  John & Dorothy Norton    Cornelis Van Tienhoven & Rachel Vigne 1600/1610          B. ca.1627          B.Dec.30,1617  B. Apr. 12,16--   

PL. England           D.1653/4           PL.England       PL.Chesham       PL Ridgewell    D. Feb. 1,1707

 D.after 154      PL.New Haven CT   D.1667-1701     Buckinghamshire D. May 12,1655 PL. Milford

PL.England                                     PL. New Haven,CT (same)           PL. Milford                 



                                                                                                                                                                                       Below web site = fascinating


                   Benjamin Wilmot   & Ann Ladd                      John Plumb & Dorothy Wood                                                             Guillaume Vigne

         1590                  B. ca. 1592                  B. July 28,1594        B. 1595                                                                         B.Valenciennes, France

                  PL. England               D. Oct.7,1668              PL Spaynes Hall       PL. Ridgewell                                                                    btw. 1586-1594

                  D. Aug. 18,1669         PL.New Haven,CT        M. 1616                                                                                                       M. Adrienne Cuvellier Rachel Vigne    

                 PL. New Haven, CT                                       D.1648 Brandford                                                                                           B. btw.1610 -1613

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    PL. France or Belgium


                                                               Robert Plumb     &  Grace Crackbone           John & Jane Wood

                                                               B. 1558 Essex         of Great Yeldham          

                                                              Buried Aug 14,1628

                                                                                                               Baldwin's continued


                                        Robert Plumb & Elizabeth Purcas               Sylvester Baldwin  Sarah                 

                                       B. 1530                                                       B.PL England

                                       D. May 18,1633                                         PL Cholesbury       D. Nov. 13,1669

                                                                                                     M. 1620           

John Plumb         Elizabeth                                                               PL. England

B. ca 1505                                                                                       D. June 21,1638

PL Essex, England                                                                             Sea, Ship Martin

Bur. May 18,1633              


                                                                               Sylvester Baldwin                Joan Wells  

                                                                                B. ca. 1560                         of Cholesbury

                                                                                M. September 28,1590

                                                                               PL. Cholesbury

                                                                                D. February 16,1632/3


                                                   Henry Baldwin        Alice Kinge                           Robert & Alice Wells

                                                   B. Ca. 1530

                                                   Pl. Aston Clinton

                                                   M. 1555

                                                   Bur. Nov. 23, 1626

       Henry held the Manor of Dandridge in Ashton- Clinton, Buckinghamshire, England


                   Richard Baldwin               Ellen Apuke

                  B. ca. 1500                         B.  ca 1507

                 PL. Aston Clinton                 D. 1566

                  D. 1553                           


Robert Baldwin           Agnes Dolte

B. ca 1475

D. 1536


                                 William Dolte of Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom has an unknown birthdates

Haldron Linage